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Why the ‘added extras’ of music & overall ambience improves your dining experience.

Why the ‘added extras’ of music & overall ambience improves your dining experience.

In the hospitality industry, there is often debate about what really matters in a restaurant – food, service or ambience. Everyone has a different perspective on the topic, and none of them is necessarily wrong.

For most people, they visit a restaurant to eat some great food. If the food isn’t up to standard, then most people won’t bother returning to the restaurant ever again. The second most important aspect is the service – no one wants to be treated poorly while they are trying to enjoy a nice night out.

Finally, there are the ‘added extras’ such as music and ambience. While these may not be must-haves, it definitely improves the dining experience.

Here are some reasons why the ‘added extras’ of music & overall ambience will improve your dining experience:

Overall Experience Matters

Going to a restaurant is never just about the food; it is about the overall experience. A consumer goes to a restaurant to relax and unwind while having their favourite foods and drinks.

Every little detail matters when it comes to enhancing the customer’s experience. However, these factors that define experience are different to each person.

Ambience and Music Boost Your Mood

After a long day, when you go to a restaurant to dig into your favourite meal, you don’t want to find yourself in a less than happy environment; you want to walk into a relaxing and joyful space that delivers the right ambience. Music is powerful enough to change someone’s mood and, therefore, the ambience.

A good ambience is made up of perfect lighting, a comfortable seating arrangement, and visually pleasing interiors. A beautiful environment instantly makes us happy, and everyone loves to have dinner in a restaurant with a great ambience. After all, that is what we first experience before our food arrives.

Also, no one wants only to be able to hear the sounds of cutlery and people chewing when they walk into a restaurant, and they want those sounds to be drowned out by good music.  

Good music and ambience distract the customer from any irritating noises while making their wait easier. When the atmosphere is good, they expect the same from the food, keeping their curiosity intact.

Few restaurants in Australia can deliver exceptionally under all categories; across everything, including food, ambience, music and service. If you really want to have one of the best restaurant experiences, then Milky Lane is a restaurant that you must visit.

Milky Lane is a burger restaurant that has multiple locations across Australia. Milky Lane burgers are one of the most loved burgers restaurants, but not just for their burgers. Apart from their burgers, the ambience of Milky Lane is the talk of the town. Their custom street art pieces on the walls will blow your mind. You will also be listening to some of the best hip hop and RnB tunes while you embrace the ambience. All of these aspects make your restaurant experience – a Milky Lane experience.

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