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Take your lunch break with lunched & loaded milky deals

Lunchtime is a much-needed break in the middle of a busy workday. It gives you an ideal opportunity to recharge, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal. Having said that, finding the right spot to grab lunch can be mighty tricky, especially when you’re looking for something quick, tasty, and affordable. That’s where Milky Lane comes […]

Double the love this Valentine’s Day with the best partners – Burgers and Cocktails!

At a glance: No matter what you do on Valentine’s Day, grabbing food with your partner is the perfect way to celebrate. Available in multiple locations to choose from, Milky Lane offers a fun, casual dining experience with high-quality food and drink. Get a deal on Milky Lane Australia’s Valentine’s Day specials and discounts! Valentine’s […]

Decoding the franchise puzzle: a guide to evaluating opportunities

At a glance: Understanding a burger franchise starts with evaluating the franchise model and how it works. Helping you understand the benefits of becoming a Milky Lane franchisee.   Starting a burger restaurant can be very exciting for entrepreneurs. The craze for gourmet burgers is high in Australia among millennials and Z-gen. Many aspiring entrepreneurs […]

Christmas on the Gold Coast, one with delicious burgers & cocktails

It’s Christmas time, and the Gold Coast’s restaurant scene is already buzzing with activity. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the jolly season with family and friends or want to try some of the best Christmas dinners Gold Coast has to offer, we’ve got you covered. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to […]

What is a flexitarian diet, and how does it affect a burger restaurant’s menu?

While plant-based, vegan diets are in vogue, not everyone is ready to make the ultimate switch. This could be because of taste preferences, but a very important reason is nutritional value. A flexitarian diet refers to a flexible type of vegetarian diet that allows you to eat meat and fish once in a while. It’s […]

Why Milky Lane should be your next Christmas party destination

At a glance: We have something for everyone on our menu Our handcrafted burgers are also our pride and joy   Waiting until the last minute to plan a party could be risky. Get together with friends and family at The Milky Lane for the ultimate Christmas celebration. Getting together with the people you love […]

Why the ML experience is something we need more than ever

Restaurants are places where you want to have a good time while eating excellent food. While some people think a good restaurant experience is all about food and its quality, others opine that, at the end of the day, it’s all about the quality of service. Going out to restaurants can be enjoyed for a […]

Why is it important to reduce food waste in restaurants?

At a glance: How food waste affects restaurants Ways to manage food waste for restaurants Food waste is a growing menace across Australia. A whopping 4 million tonnes of food waste are recorded each year in Australia, and a major portion of that waste comes from the food and hospitality business. Food waste poses challenges […]

This or that? Breaking down the must-have ingredients on every burger.

Making the perfect burger is all about getting the ingredients right. Too much of one thing can make it too dry, while too much of something else can make it soggy. This is one of the reasons why I always prefer going to a restaurant for a burger instead of making a burger at home. […]

What impact are TikTok and other trending social media platforms having on restaurants?

At a glance: How can social media affect our eating habits? Easy ways to advertise your restaurant on TikTok and Instagram. What is the easiest way you consider when accessing your advertising policies for a restaurant business? In the old days, advertising was mostly limited to television and radio commercials. However, due to its convenience, […]

Why do restaurants create a monthly special menu?

At a glance: Many purposes for special menus. Best Australian burgers and where to get them.   Many restaurants, if not all, roll out special menus on occasion. Those who enjoy dining at some nearby restaurant or sometimes afar are likely to see eateries put up notice reading ‘SPECIAL MENU.’ Whenever we set our eyes […]

What makes Milky Lane burgers one of a kind?

The Milky Lane restaurant challenges people’s perceptions of what an Australian best burger joint should be and has proven to be one of a kind. We not only provide the juiciest, most delicious burgers around but also do so with style as well. Our high standards don’t just apply to quality; we also know that […]

How websites or web platforms could be used as the new in-store menu.

The restaurant industry is still feeling the effect that the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic placed on Australian hospitality. The mass shutdown of restaurants forced operators to think about their business strategies for the future. Restaurant owners have to implement changes to survive the crisis, such as takeout and delivery, which was once an afterthought […]

Why do burger restaurants offer the same value to tourists as they do to locals

Is there a burger restaurant worth being intrigued by? Or do they simply sell a patty between two buns and offer a photo-op for influencers and foodies? Enter Milky Lane; the burgeoning foodie favourite and purveyor of urban culture offers more than a transient experience. Beyond it’s inviting-aesthetics, friendly service and drive-thru convenience, the burger […]

How an experience such as Milky Lane enhances your occasion

When people host events for their friends or family, they always look for the best place to have a good time. Customers want a pleasant ambience with good food and the friendliest and best staff. A good variety on the menu, funky interiors, very well-groomed staff, and delicious food served in a gorgeous venue are […]

Now that Freedom Day has arrived, what’s the best burger in Bondi you must get to?

The intense desire to consume food, usually for a specific food, is a food craving. We all experience cravings when we are in the mood for something sweet or salty. Whether it’s a chocolate chip cookie, French fries, burger, an ice cream cone, or “all the carbs,” everyone will crave something different. Food cravings are […]

Relax the restrictions! Why Milky Lane should be at the top of your list of post-social distancing restrictions

Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), restaurant and food businesses around Australia have been hit extremely hard. We have been limiting our activities outside and spending more time than ever in our homes. Nothing is like before; social distancing, no holidays and only minimal eating restaurants. Each day when I prepare my meals at home, […]

Over one year from the start of the pandemic, how has the hospitality industry changed?

Hospitality is the heart of many Australian cities. Serving millions of patrons and hundreds of different cuisines a year, the hospitality industry is a vital clog in our economic machine. This is why it was so devastating for many when the industry was forced to shut down in-house dining due to government restrictions implemented because […]

Standing out from the crowd: Milky Lane’s way

If you are in Bondi, you know that when you visit, you definitely shouldn’t avoid the white sandy beaches of Bondi Beach and, of course, the amazing food that Bondi has to offer, especially the burgers. These two things are more or less a way of life in Bondi now. Enjoying crispy and juicy burgers […]

How have restaurants pivoted during lockdowns to remain viable?

Milky Lane is Australia’s number 1 boutique burger restaurant in Bondi. In a one-of-a-kind legendary institution, juicy burgers and over-the-top sweets meet fantastic drinks. Since 2016, Milky Lane has been shaking up the burger industry and winning a legion of followers for their unique approach to fun. Their love of hip-hop is the only thing […]

Customer’s perspective: things I love about milky lane

Eating out presents a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with family or friends, hopefully with a great atmosphere and maybe some nice music. This is what a customer will look for when they decide to dine out, but it is not always what they get. I have been to many burger […]

Burger in Australia’s capital – Canberra

Australia is world-renowned for its beef, making it one of the best places to eat the tastiest burgers in the world. Tender, juicy, mouthwatering, and full of flavour – Australia is full of burgers that you could only dream about and that you will crave long after your last bite. From Sydney to Canberra and […]

How are plant-based food trends impacting restaurants?

At a glance: Why are restaurants looking into plant-based foods now? What is causing an influx in plant-based foods? The best place for vegan burgers on the Gold Coast.   The constantly growing demand for vegan burgers has reshaped how burger restaurants prepare their menus. Over the past few years, plant-based culinary has evolved as […]

Should restaurants be adapting to the newest trends to stand out in the industry?

The pandemic has undoubtedly reshaped the restaurant industry. Since the pandemic hit small businesses, including restaurants and bars, the hardest, it is now more important than ever to keep up with industry trends. Such a world-changing event has forced restaurateurs to re-evaluate how they run their restaurants and adapt to rapidly changing environments. We will […]

Takeaway and food delivery services are here to stay

The demand for takeaway and food delivery services skyrocketed during 2020. During a time when lockdowns and restrictions didn’t allow customers to dine in and everyone was stuck at home, takeaway services and food deliveries became the go-to. Businesses that already had a great takeaway system in place were all set, and restaurants that had […]

The challenge of restaurants: dealing with fluctuations in raw cost whilst maintaining level of service

Running a restaurant successfully is not an easy task; in today’s competitive market, it takes a lot for a restaurant to survive. You have to serve quality food, gain loyal customers and earn a profit to stand tall and thrive in the industry. One of the most significant reasons restaurants fail is that they cannot […]

The experience or the food, What matters most?

If you had two options – fantastic food and poor service, or mediocre food and flawless service, which would you pick? I know it’s not an easy choice, but it shouldn’t even be considered as a valid option. Great restaurants should deliver both excellent food and service consistently, but sometimes things can go wrong, even […]

The health & safety measures implemented to ensure our patron’s health is of utmost importance

As the spread of coronavirus has slowly come under control, restaurants and venues across Australia are reopening to allow dine-in guests. However, this doesn’t mean we can completely ignore the safety guidelines and act normally as we did before COVID-19. To reopen, the operators must follow the safety and hygiene guidelines outlined by the state. […]

The impact of coronavirus on the online ordering industry for food.

Online food apps and online ordering were reaping the benefits of digitalization, even before the coronavirus pandemic started. The increase in urban lifestyles has helped this sector a lot. Since the pandemic started, we have seen a devastating impact on businesses and the country’s economy. However, there has been an increase in food delivery. Food […]

The simplicity of booking online but eating in-store

Online convenience is a luxury that has become ingrained in our everyday lives for many years now. It’s been a while since we had to queue for movie tickets or any other tickets for that matter. Nowadays, everyone is living a hectic life, and lack of work-life balance is becoming a major concern. Consumers are […]

Treat yourself: why comfort food is good for the mind and soul

Today when I think about mind and soul, the only thing that comes to mind is ‘a mess’. The situation we are going through at the moment is not great, the fear of coronavirus, staying at home for months and whatnot. We are surrounded by negatives that can hamper our mind, soul, and body. However, […]

We are officially halfway through the year, so what trends are we seeing throughout hospitality?

One major factor that defines the route for any hospitality business to taste success is the behaviour of their customers. These behaviours are often what we call ‘trends’, and the businesses that keep up with the trends are the ones who manage to stay relevant to their audience. Let’s talk about some of the most […]

What’s in a name? Reviewing milky lane’s burger menu and the reference to key celebrities you don’t know about.

Since 2016, Milky Lane has been tossing out people’s assumptions of what an Australian burger restaurant should be. Not only do they provide the juiciest most succulent burgers around, but they do so with style. The only thing they love as much as their burgers, is hip-hop. Not only is this obvious by attending any […]

What you see is what you get

Long gone are the days when ‘word of mouth’ was one of the only ways to get people through the door of your restaurant. Over the past decade, the escalating number of social media platforms has created another amazing way for people worldwide to show off their restaurants and their creations. From all of these […]

Whilst the food service industry might change, the milky lane experience never will

The food service industry is forever changing with the times. These evolutions are driven by various forces like population, technology, environment and now COVID-19. There is no doubt that in the past few years, this industry has vastly changed, and it will continue to change in the coming years. Many more restaurants will be opened, […]

Why appetizers, desserts, and sides are essential to your restaurant business

If you are the owner of a restaurant, you know that the restaurant business can be extremely competitive. With lots of competition and rapidly changing customer demands and trends, it can be tough to survive and thrive in the restaurant industry. One major factor to consider is keeping the balance between retaining old customers and […]

Why full service restaurant menus (burgers + desserts, cocktails) are outdoing standard burger menus.

There is no doubt that the burgers occupy a unique place in the American mind, in fact, in the mind of people worldwide. Burgers first appeared in the 19th or early 20th century. Previously, the ground beef and two buns were combined to create a burger, but the modern hamburger was the product of the […]

Why a kid’s menu makes your restaurant more attractive

Having is a kid-friendly restaurant can be an excellent opportunity to attract more customers. Almost every restaurant finds itself serving kids even if they are not considered a kid-friendly restaurant. It is always a good idea to make your restaurant kid friendly. However, not all restaurants are the right fit for implementing kid-friendly ideas. If […]

Why maintaining food quality during this uncertain time will keep loyal customers.

Over the past few months, we have witnessed the impact of a COVID-19 on humans and businesses. Countries are locked down, small businesses are struggling to survive, unemployment has risen, and a lot of other things are happening around us. Many industries like travel, hospitality, education and airlines have become the victim of this deadly […]

Why milky lane’s revolutionary menu will lead the way with in-home dining experiences

As the pandemic continues to take over the world, including Australia, we are continuing to self-isolate and social distance. We cannot go out shopping, we cannot travel, nor can we dine out, which is the most significant disadvantage for me. Being a food blogger and an explorer, it is tough for me to stay inside […]

Why Milky Lane’s burgers are the best in the business and where you can find them.

Before Milky Lane started, there was a gap in the market for burger restaurants with a unique dining experience. Juicy burgers, over-the-top desserts, and wow-inspiring cocktails created a one-of-a-kind iconic institution. Since 2016, Milky Lane has shared their love of hip-hop with their amazing customers. Through their menus, restaurant themes, dine-in experiences, and music, they […]

Why milky lane succeeds – taking regular burgers to a new level

Food is a universal source of comfort and happiness and is an integral part of every culture, nation, and species. Maybe this is why we can find a restaurant or cafes on every corner. But does every one of those restaurants succeed? No. The restaurant business has become so competitive, as you have to consistently […]

Why this famous tourist destination needs global vaccination rates to spike?

With the deep blue Nerang river on one side and the warm Pacific Ocean on the other side, and more restaurants, shops, high rise resorts than anywhere else in the country, Surfers Paradise is undisputedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. If you want to spend your holidays somewhere along the east […]

With the rise in popularity of vegan and vegetarian burger options, where can you find the best alternative burger options?

In 2019, research conducted by Roy Morgan found that the trend in vegetarian eating is continuing to grow, with almost a 2.5million Australians now choosing to avoid eating meat. This is around 12.1% of the Australian population, which is reflective of the increasing shift towards plant-based diets across the country. The number of vegans, however, […]

Milky Lane: a restaurant where reality exceeds expectation

At a glance: Things to look forward to while stepping into a restaurant. The best burger restaurant in NSW for you.   Every restaurant owner wants to do things with which s/he can make customers revel in their services and encourage them to use their services regularly – in general, wants to meet customer expectations. […]

What’s the easiest way to win back the calories after a delectable burger?

It takes a lot to resist a delicious burger with oozing cheese, a tender meat patty, fresh local produce and a crunchy bun – all the best ingredients together. Still, the number of calories in a delectable burger can sometimes stop us from eating them, especially from the best burger restaurant in Australia – Milky […]

Why burgers will never be a part of your home cooking menu?

Since the rise of the fast-food phenomenon in the mid-to-late 20th century, burgers have become a popular dish in Australia. The American diner-style restaurant experience had a massive impact on Melbourne and Sydney’s suburbs. Due to the accessibility, low cost and trends, burgers are dominating the landscape of Australia’s food establishments. Burgers have become the […]

Why the ‘added extras’ of music & overall ambience improves your dining experience.

In the hospitality industry, there is often debate about what really matters in a restaurant – food, service or ambience. Everyone has a different perspective on the topic, and none of them is necessarily wrong. For most people, they visit a restaurant to eat some great food. If the food isn’t up to standard, then […]

Why there is no excuse to maintain the quality of fresh ingredients despite rising food prices in Australia.

Attaining icon status doesn’t happen overnight. There are a raft of burger joints out there and just as many cocktail bars offering the colour and glaze of this mouth-watering combo, but what makes Milky Lane an iconic, niche player in the Australian market? Quality.  Perhaps the lesser-known component of iconography, quality, especially in the food […]

Why you shouldn’t feel bad about sneaking a ‘cheat meal.’

A Cheat Meal should really be seen as a ‘treat meal’ for those who stick to a strict diet for the week and then allow themselves the luxury of indulgence as a reward. We all know how hard it is to adhere to a healthy diet 100 per cent of the time. Cravings come and […]

The simple ingredients to running a burger franchise

Burgers – are one of the most popular and trendy fast foods. They are a favourite among many people, and that is why burger businesses are a popular choice for food lovers and entrepreneurs to build and open. The market for burgers is ideal for business because, firstly, the prices of burgers are relatively low […]

The nation’s (burger) capital you never knew about

The likelihood of finding a burger at a restaurant these days is pretty high. Almost every restaurant that opens in Australia features some burgers on its menu. It is great that many places are embracing the greatness of the humble burger, but we need to acknowledge where to find the best burgers, especially in our […]

The experience the kids & teenagers are really missing.

Having to be a kid or a teenager during lockdown is a challenge, not just for the parents but also for kids. Going out to dinner, playing outdoor games, going to the movies, or even just shopping – all these activities are what teenagers normally get to do– they love to hang out with their […]

Not only are our burgers the tastiest in Australia, but they’re also the best looking. Why our burgers are perfect for your next Instagram post.

We know burgers, but we also know it isn’t just the burgers alone that make up ‘The Milky Lane Experience’. It’s the whole package. Our juicy burgers, our over-the-top desserts, our amazing cocktails, and our groovy restaurant interiors & music; are all contributing features that make our restaurants iconic around the country. Our one-of-a-kind restaurant […]

Burger restaurants aren’t going anywhere despite a two year (semi) hiatus.

For many burger enthusiasts, it’s hard to imagine a week without an emphatic bite of a mouthwatering double cheeseburger. If you want to know about the growing burger fandom, just ask any foodie about the cravings and witness their reaction. Restaurants thrive on word of mouth from their most loyal customers, but their affinity for […]

How to maximise the holidays by dining at the best burger restaurant in NSW?

Milky Lane extends a warm Happy New Year with a festive new menu and a roll-out of brand new restaurants across New South Wales. Now, the lucky folks of Bondi, Cronulla, Crows Nest, Newcastle, Parramatta, Gregory Hills, and Terrigal can enjoy a mouthwatering burger or cocktail amidst the urban ambience. Every Milky Lane offers the […]

Is there a story behind the rappers and music at Milky Lane?

Milky Lane is the ultimate destination for hip hop and burger lovers alike. Milky Lane allows all its visitors to wine, dine, and be immersed in a hip-hop haven. The decor inside Milky Lane restaurants is one of a kind, reminiscent of an urban street with graffiti pieces, murals, and 3D designs adorning most of […]

Importance of good cheese on a burger as opposed to low-quality cheese

Can you imagine the burger without the gooey melted cheese? Most probably, No. A burger without cheese is like a cake without the icing; it just doesn’t make any sense. American cheese is the essential ingredient of the burger. The secret of most of the best restaurants in Australia is the cheese they use in […]

How important is maintaining high-quality standards across all locations to a brand?

Quality is one of the most valuable assets of any brand, whether it manufactures products or services. Quality is even more crucial if you serve in multiple locations because if you invest your time, energy, and money into something, you wouldn’t want to ruin the reputation of all the branches because of one. Maintaining quality […]

How important is diversifying a menu for the success of the burger chain?

Fast food, especially burgers, is getting more and more popular. They are a great, affordable and easy option to grab and go, and of course, they are delicious. With their increasing popularity, the number of burger chains is also rapidly increasing everywhere. Most burger chains focus on the burgers and serve nothing else; while this […]

How food delivery services (UberEats, Menu Log) have been the saving grace in the last 18 months for the hospitality industry.

A year and a half later into the pandemic and recurring lockdowns, the food and hospitality industry has somehow managed to remain resilient and even thrive amid this chaos. A big part of this is because of food delivery services. Here we explore some of the reasons why in the last 18 months, the collaboration […]

How a Milky Lane experience outweighs ordering off an online app such as UberEats / Deliveroo / Menulog.

Advanced technology has made our work easier and made us more reliant on our access to technology at the same time. When you want to cook, just grab a phone and order your food online; then, your food will be delivered to your door in less than an hour. It sounds so easy, right? But […]

From dine-out to dine-in, quality is key.

When you go to a restaurant, you want to have a good time while eating excellent food. Some may say a good restaurant experience is all about food, specifically food quality, while others believe the service makes all the difference. There are many reasons why people choose to dine out. Some may go out for […]

Forget the Wahlburgers hype – milky lane’s niche remains strong & prominent.

Wahlburgers – one of the most hyped burger restaurants in the United States, is coming to Australia. Mark Wahlberg and his brothers own the burger chain around the world. However, don’t yet feed into the hype; it might just be the name. No matter how many new burger joints or restaurants open in Australia, Milky […]

The menu items that pair best with Milky Lane burgers this summer

Why are we so obsessed with burgers? The most obvious answer is that they are delicious and cheap. In most cases, we get a generous pile of fries and a refreshing soft drink, thus completing the holy trinity of hearty dining. Burgers are an economically sound choice that satisfies your cravings and is light on […]

Do sustainable practices at your restaurant enhance customer loyalty?

Over the last few years, waste production and reduction have become a hot topic within the hospitality industry. Some aspects of the industry can produce a large amount of waste, but the industry is not looking to reduce waste production. Restaurant and cafe owners are now interested in trying their best to reduce environmental harm. […]

Dining at home vs dining at the milky lane: there are some differences

With everyone on a hectic work schedule these days, we know it isn’t easy to find a spare moment to sit down, eat a meal and enjoy some time with your family. However, we do all know that eating with your loved ones is always better. You get to spend quality time with them, which […]

Cheat meals – dirty by nature but sorely misunderstood in terms of mental health benefits.

When it comes to losing weight or maintaining your fitness, you might have to minimise the amount of sugar and fried foods you consume. At the beginning, this may seem easy and exciting, but with time meals can become monotonous, and we tend to give up. Cheat meals are one of the best ways to […]

Burgers are a global phenomenon, and this is not changing any time soon. How a constructed ‘super-sandwich’ continues to take the world by storm?

Burgers are not a modern-day invention but have come a long way over the years. When we think about burgers, our mind most likely drifts to North America, particularly the USA, but burgers are now well-known and famous in many other parts of the world. If you’re eating lots of burgers, know you aren’t the […]

Burgers & cocktails – name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait…

Have you ever tried burgers and cocktails? If not, it’s time for that ‘Eureka!’ moment. When made with passion and love, burgers are the perfect dish. Imagine a fabulous well-cooked patty, smoked outside with the juicy pink centre: the fluffy buns and some fresh and crunchy greens with the best slice (or two) of cheese. […]

Building stronger relationships with customers for restaurant success – the Milky Lane way!

Punters visit their favourite burger restaurant with almost a singular purpose- to devour the most delectable food in their locality. However, keeping these loyal foodies coming back for more depends on how they interact with your restaurant on a personal level.  Milky Lane is one of the best burger restaurants in Australia. Not only because […]

Why are cocktails and burgers a match made in heaven?

At a glance: Are burgers and cocktails a good pair? The perfect place for burgers and cocktails.   Great pairings often make good times – like your burgers paired with some amazing cocktails. It is an established fact that burgers and cocktails are a delightful combo for palates and moods alike. Finding a tasty burger […]

Delicious burgers delivered to your door; Milky Lane can now bring the burgers to you.

At a glance: The best burgers in Australia. The easiest way to enjoy delicious Milky Lane burgers.   If you knew where to find the best burgers in Australia, you would definitely go for it, wouldn’t you? When burgers first came to Australia, none may have predicted that they would go on to become the […]

What do Australians exactly want in their plant-based burgers?

At a glance: Why are plant-based products popular? Qualities of plant-based burgers Australians enjoy. Food is a sensitive matter for people anywhere in the world. With the increasing consumption of meat products and assessing its impact on the planet, a plant-based diet is now considered an alternative. Furthermore, with the popularity of plant-based products, the […]

What is “Success” for a restaurant, and how do you measure it?

At a glance: What makes the restaurant business stiffer? What are the good metrics of a successful restaurant?   Every restaurant owner wants to venture into a successful business, but how can success be accurately measured? The restaurant business is a fast-paced business model with flickering memories where even a day’s doom can change the […]

What makes our burgers the best on the Gold Coast?

At a glance: Where to find the best burgers on Gold Coast What is so special about Milky Lane burgers   Burgers make good times! Arguably, burgers are the finest cheat meal for anyone – they are tasty, courtesy of all those good stuff, and they are a go-to meal for a hungry stomach. Burgers […]

Brand consistency: what does it mean for chain restaurants?

At a glance: What does brand mean in the food and hospitality business? Why is brand consistency important for chain restaurants? The food and hospitality business was one of those many sectors severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fast forward to mid-2022, the industry is exercising the necessary normality as people are again back to […]

Customer service has never been more important in the hospitality industry. Here’s why

Service determines whether our businesses succeed or fail in the tourist and hospitality sector, so always providing superior customer service is important. Customer service excellence is defined as a sense of being respected or heard. It’s sometimes an intangible factor in a guest’s decision to choose one tourist or hospitality operator over another. And it’s […]

Reasons why restaurant menus need to be updated regularly.

At a glance: Why is the food market dynamic What are the benefits of updating restaurants menus regularly Are your old menus still attracting customers as they did in those old days? We know change is absolute in this world, and what restaurant owners need to realise is this applies to the food and hospitality […]

Using your restaurant’s website to grow your business

Even with an inviting ambience, delicious menu and friendly staff, it’s still difficult to stand out in the food services industry. Luckily, this doesn’t spell the end for restaurants but instead challenges them to enhance their online and social media presence to attract newcomers and consolidate the existing ones. An effective way to boost your […]

The menu that caters for all. Milky Lane’s all-inclusive burger bonanza.

Milky Lane’s serving of burger bonanza – buttered brioche buns gleaming, a steak knife plunged into the centre – shows how much care has gone into this creation, which some food-savvy friends have dubbed the best burger in town. It could be date night, your next cheat meal, or maybe you want to hang out […]

The cheat meal and why it can be a burger…

The cheat meal is a popular concept amongst fitness buffs and refers to an allocated day where one can indulge in their favourite foods without considering the calorie intake. For those who are committed to their fitness schedules, a cheat meal is the perfect reward day, especially if you’re a burger lover. It’s the day […]

How important is an inclusive menu for the success of the restaurant?

To create a successful dining program that helps your customers feel valued and satisfied, an inclusive menu suited for all palates is key. Any restauranteur or hospitality professional knows the importance of being a multifaceted eatery, where your menu can be considered for any meal of the day. Below lists some key factors to consider […]

The perfect drink pairings for your burger

From simple hamburgers to towering cheeseburgers with all the trimmings, foodies enjoy their favourite stack with a delicious beverage. Some argue cocktails, while others say milkshakes are the perfect accompaniment to a burger, but the best combination may vary based on your mood. Milky Lane has made significant waves in the local burger scene since […]

Disruptive fast food trends operators can cash in on

 At a glance: You will know a series of trends and adaptations that are going to dominate the fast-food industry in 2022   Fast food is a fairly diversified industry. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that how you present what you serve daily has an enormous impact on what people eat. Quick service […]

Are plant-based burgers going to dominate menus for the foreseeable future?

At a glance: Get to know the benefits of plant-based burgers and see how they soon rule the Australian market. Here we have a special place to share where you can enjoy plant-based burgers across Australia. In recent years, plant-based meat has gained popularity as a way for vegetarians to satisfy their meat cravings without […]

Milky Lane lands in Perth!

Though a relatively small city, Perth has a decent nightlife influenced by American and British cities. The city has everything from holidays to beach clubs, the world’s biggest nightclubs, and historic pubs and bars in Australia.