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1/38 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217

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Surfers Paradise

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Experience Pure Indulgence at Milky Lane
Surfers Paradise With Our Burgers, Cocktails & Desserts

Milky Lane’s Surfers Paradise restaurant is located in the heart of Gold Coast, offering a lively and vibrant atmosphere that is perfect for a night out with friends, a family dinner, local lunch or an exciting date. With our hip hop & rap influenced interior, accompanied by the vibe-setting music from our local DJ’s, our restaurant is not only a treat for your taste buds, but the rest of your senses. Every visit to our Milky Lane Surfers Paradise location is a new adventure, we help you escape the day-to-day and invite you to a wonderland of unforgettable experiences.

At Milky Lane, we endeavour to take your taste buds on a journey with our diverse range of mouth-watering burgers, from our absolute classic Milky Lane burger to our more adventurous Chicken Weezy. No matter your selection, our burgers change the way you think about burger dining. With never-before-seen combinations and ingredients that push the boundaries of conventional, we know we’ll be tantalising the taste buds with every single bite. Regularly, we experiment with new, innovative ingredients and ingredients to create never-before-seen burgers that’ll exceed your expectations. Our Monthly Specials Menu use both trending and classic products to create the meals and flavours we know you’ll love.

But that’s not all we offer at Milky Lane. Our signature Cocktails are an experience in themselves, with our playful and quirky creations, the vibrant colours are sure to give your social followers pure envy. Our cocktails are most certainly Instagram-ready, with some riddled with dry ice that provide a cascading mist fountain for the entire table to enjoy.At Milky Lane, we love creating products for you that embrace both modern and classic ingredients.

That’s why our Cocktails embrace both trending and nostalgic ingredients. Introducing Bubble O Bill dessert cocktail, a blend of an iconic Australian ice cream, with the punch of modern nightlife. If you’re looking for something less decadent, we have a range of light, fruity, sour and classic cocktails that are sure to satisfy every preference on the night. It’s without a doubt, that we can confidently say, you’ve never seen cocktails like this before.

To cap off the night, let’s not forget about our decadent desserts! Our desserts are  not only jaw-dropping, but they bring a taste sensation that some would consider over-the-top. We like to push the boundaries of ‘conventional’. Using familiar and favourite products like Caramilk and Biscoff, we bring the element of nostalgia to your table. With our innovative and creative desserts, we create lasting memories filled with Milky Moments. For example, using a classic Australian ice cream like the Golden Gaytime, and deep frying it with cornflakes, smothered in maple syrup and Nutella; makes it a tough dessert to push back.

At Milky Lane Surfers Paradise, we also offer a private area for functions and events, a gaming room for entertained, and a well-suited dining area for all of your indulgences. Our top-notch customer service ensures that your experience at Milky Lane is nothing short of exceptional.

Visit Milky Lane in Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast today for the ultimate burger, cocktail, and dessert experience. Our innovative and irresistible offerings are just around the corner. Get in touch to make a booking with us today.

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