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Home of Best Burgers in Surfers Paradise

Welcome to Milky Lane, home to Surfers Paradise's best cocktails, desserts, and burgers. But we're not your average neighborhood burger business that churns out hundreds of ordinary burgers and sides every day. We specialize in giving you an experience you'll remember for a long time. Our mouth-watering desserts, Milky Lane-exclusive drinks, insane side dishes, and, of course, our utterly fantastic burgers are only the beginning of the Milky Lane experience. It's all about how we lift your spirits and allow you to relax after a long day at work. It's all about how we make everyone feel at ease and ensure that you enjoy yourself every time you are at Milky Lane.

You’ll never feel alone at Milky Lane, thanks to our murals and graffiti of the biggest Rap and RnB superstars. The 165-seat restaurant is a work of art in and of itself, with paintings by local artists adorning the walls, featuring portraits of Queen B and Jay Z, as well as many other great rappers and hip-hop musicians. Our subway vehicle installation takes Centre stage, with a recognizable face or two not far away, continuing the artistic leanings. Along with that, we have nonstop beats playing throughout the restaurant, ranging from the finest Rap and RnB songs to all the classics. So don't be shocked if one of your favourite songs comes on when you're enjoying a classic cocktail.

The Milky Lane experience will transform you and leave you feeling utterly rejuvenated. Burgers served in fast food restaurants are often mass-produced in factories and frozen before being delivered to the location. Whereas our burgers are fresh and delicious, made from scratch by our amazing chefs. A thick patty in a burger with a soft Centre and crisp outside, a soft bun with sesame seeds clinging to the top, and all your favourite sauces and add on is the perfect meal.

Come and taste our unique Milky Lane experience with your friends, or even by yourself, and enjoy some of Surfers Paradise's greatest cocktails, desserts, and burgers. The excitement of Milky Lane Surfer's Paradise is yours for the taking, whether you're returning from the beach or making a night of it.

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