Sip and Delight: Milky Lane’s Best Cocktails in Cairns

Sweet and Sour, Fruity and Fun: Range of Delicious Cocktails in Cairns

Welcome to Milky Lane, Cairns’ top cocktail bar! Milky Lane Cairns is located at 1/77 Esplanade, Cairns City, QLD 4870, Australia. Find us along the scenic Esplanade waterfront. Just follow Abbott Street to the Esplanade, and you’ll spot us. We offer a unique cocktail experience with the best cocktails in Cairns that set us apart from others. Join us for a cocktail break!

At Milky Lane, we don’t just serve cocktails; we create a memorable experience for our customers. Our cocktails are quirky, playful and vibrant, with a fun aesthetic that reflects our brand. We use dry ice and other wow factors to make each cocktail an interactive and shareable experience. Additionally, our mixologists are always on the lookout for trending products, which we incorporate into our creations, like our famous Bubble O Bill dessert cocktail.

Located in the heart of Cairns, our restaurant offers a private function room and an alfresco dining area, perfect for enjoying our signature cocktails with friends or colleagues. Whether you’re here for a weekend treat or a quick bite during the workday, our doors are open to everyone. From students to young professionals and even families enjoying the weekend, we love welcoming all of our guests – including your furry friends! Moreover, our late-night menu and happy hour specials make us the perfect spot for a night out in Cairns.

The Cairns cocktail menu features something for everyone, from light and fruity to indulgent and cream-based cocktails. Our most popular cocktail, the Melon-Tini, is made with Patron Silver, Aperol, lemon, fresh fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, passionfruit and finally, sour strap. It’s a true crowd-pleaser that never disappoints

Treat yourself to our indulgent Bubble O Bill dessert cocktail. This drink features 42 below Vodka, butterscotch liqueur, Nutella, salted caramel, ice-cream mix, bubblegum foam, 100’s and 1000’s & Gumball.

Our watermelon rosé sangria is the perfect drink for a hot summer day. Made with Eristoff Vodka, Rosé wine, fresh watermelon, and strawberries, this refreshing cocktail is balanced with a hint of lemon and topped with a splash of soda and Sprite. We garnish it with fresh mint and Sour Straps for a fun and fruity finish. And the best part? This delicious cocktail is perfect for sharing with friends!

Milky Lane’s spectacular cocktails are what sets us apart from others in Cairns. Our quirky and playful aesthetic, innovative approach to mixology and a wide variety of cocktail options make us the go-to spot for any occasion. Come try our signature cocktails for yourself and experience what everyone is raving about.


Discover our captivating signature cocktails at Milky Lane Cairns. Experience the Lychee & Passiona Mojito, merging Bacardi Carta Blanca, Pinot Grigio, Passiona, vanilla, lychee, and mint. Try the Creaming Soda Spider with 42 Below Vodka, watermelon, creaming soda, ice cream mix, and a sour strap. Delight in the Watermelon Rose Sangria, blending Eristoff Vodka, rose, watermelon, strawberry, lemon, and soda. Unique and exquisite.
Absolutely! At Milky Lane Cairns, our skilled bartenders can accommodate reasonable customisations to our cocktails. From garnish preferences to adjusting sweetness levels, we’re here to craft a cocktail tailored to your taste.
Yes! Milky Lane Cairns loves surprises. We introduce seasonal or limited-time cocktails that add excitement to our menu. Stay updated on our website or by asking our staff about current or upcoming specials. Treat yourself to these exclusive concoctions during your visit.
Unfortunately, cocktails aren’t available for takeout or delivery due to legal and safety reasons. We invite you to join us at our vibrant bar to savour our expertly crafted cocktails. Book a table today and enjoy the experience!
Certainly! At Milky Lane Cairns, we cater to all preferences. Enjoy a range of non-alcoholic drinks, including Coke, Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Creaming Soda, Passiona, Solo, Ginger Beer, and Red Bull. Plus, we offer filtered still water and sparkling water. Your refreshing choice awaits.

Indeed! We often offer special promotions or discounts for mocktails at Milky Lane Cairns. Keep an eye on our website or reach out to us for the latest offers. Looking for a delightful gift? Our Milky Lane gift cards, ranging from $20 to $200, provide the perfect treat for friends and loved ones to enjoy discounted drinks during their next visit.

Absolutely! At Milky Lane Cairns, you can relish our wine selection by the glass or bottle. Choose from options like Juicy Wine Co Pinot Grigio, Juicy Wine Co Shiraz, Juicy Wine Co Rose, and Juicy Wine Co NV Sparkling. Elevate your experience with a crisp white, robust red, or sparkling choice.

At Milky Lane Cairns, you can enjoy a diverse selection of beers. On tap, options like Coors and 4 Pines Pacific Ale await. Bottled and canned beers include choices such as Coors, Corona, South Coast Pale Ale, Cascade Light, and Bonamys Apple Cider. From lagers to ales, we have something for every beer enthusiast.