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Why there is no excuse to maintain the quality of fresh ingredients despite rising food prices in Australia.

Why there is no excuse to maintain the quality of fresh ingredients despite rising food prices in Australia.

Attaining icon status doesn’t happen overnight. There are a raft of burger joints out there and just as many cocktail bars offering the colour and glaze of this mouth-watering combo, but what makes Milky Lane an iconic, niche player in the Australian market? Quality. 

Perhaps the lesser-known component of iconography, quality, especially in the food industry, is what people travel for. It’s what they come in droves from out of town for, and in terms of Milky Lane, it is the driver that will keep their decadent menu items the tastiest in the market. In the face of soaring food prices, Milky Lane has vowed to continue using the freshest, most nutritious ingredients to consolidate its legacy as an urban cocktail and burger joint geared towards enjoyable taste and hip hop. 

The pandemic is set to have various reverberations on the food and service industry, ranging from restricted foot traffic and inflation. This combination can make for trickier business; however, Milky Lane is driven towards excellence and the optimisation of its brand. They have shown that such tough economic conditions can also bring about opportunity and a moment for small to medium enterprises to double down on their mission. With a large part of their brand built with an urban emphasis on hip hop and jaw-dropping artwork, Milky Lane shows how the value-add of a three-dimensional brand demands long-term quality input. 

Whether you are enticed by the mouth-watering detail of a biscoff glazed cheeseburger croissant or a biggie s’mores cocktail, Milky Lane is in the business of keeping the good times rolling and doubling down on quality ingredients that characterise these zany menu items is non-negotiable.

Craft is another factor that can’t be compromised, and without quality ingredients, the menu naturally changes. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of indulging in a Cinnamon Churro with Caramilk and Caramello Koala Cookie Dough, then you’d see why Milky Lane can’t tamper with the quality of their ingredients. In fact, they are so committed to the Milky Lane way that they have adopted the “make it work” ethos nationwide.

Milky Lane is an exotic-menu burger restaurant that is traditionally frequented by friends and larger groups. Not only is this worth mentioning, as they have hosted many successful events in the past, but it underpins another reason why quality ingredients are of the utmost importance. Milky Lane is geared towards creating a group and social environment that can be relied upon for a great experience. You are primed for enjoyment from the minute you sit down to the last bite of your Cheezels, Chorizo, Cheesy bacon and Jalapeño dog. 

Between the lively customer service and quality boutique menu items, Milky Lane is set to double down on their quality ingredients instead of cutting corners. Their unique combination and application of ingredients have gifted Aussie palates with some of the most mouth-watering, full flavoured meals in recent memory. They are hellbent on continuing this, inflation or none.

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