We turned our passion into our business. Now it’s your turn.

What began as a dream has now become reality for four guys from Bondi Beach. Since starting out in 2016, we’ve worked hard to develop a robust business model that’s designed to make us stand out from the crowd – both in terms of distinctiveness, and profitability.

Now we’re ready to share our model with franchisees just like you, and help you deliver the consistent Milky Lane experience over a quarter of a million people have enjoyed. Our training program is tailor made to guide you through our processes, introducing you to all aspects of the business to give you the skills you need to make your franchise a success.

Of course, your success depends on many things, including a willingness to learn, communicating effectively with us and your customers, and the amount of time and effort you put into the business.

Your success is our success, that’s why we’re here to help you get the most out of your franchise. Our goal is to provide support and services to you with the highest level of honesty, integrity and professionalism. Milky Lane takes the partnership we form with our franchisees very seriously. From establishment and customer awareness, to innovative technology, branding campaigns and the latest marketing tools, we’ll be right by your side as you embark upon this exciting journey.

Comprehensive training and ongoing support will help you and your team, during the start-up phase and well into the future, helping you gain and keep a competitive edge.

We’re thrilled you want to be part of the Milky Lane family, we’re gearing up for an exciting future with potential that’s only limited by the creativity of our management team and the vision of our owners.


Shane Fitzgerald
Managing Director

Why Milky Lane ?

Six ways we can help you succeed
  • 1. High profile brand

    Successful businesses know how to make social media work for them. We’ve worked hard to make Milky Lane Australia’s #1 boutique burger brand on social, with posts that drive engagement, reach new audiences and drive footfall.

  • 2. Commitment to quality

    We put our money where our mouth is and back up the brand with premium quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible, and carefully screened to meet strict food safety approvals from regulatory and international standard certification bodies.

  • 3. Perfect pricing

    We know our customers and want to keep them coming back for more. With a pricing strategy that positions us above commercial burger brands, but more affordable than gourmet burger joints, we stay accessible to as many people as possible, while retaining premium status.

  • 4. Customer service standards

    More than just offering great food, Milky Lane is an experience brand. Crucial to any experience is the attitude of the people that deliver it. Engrained in the DNA of Milky Lane is the desire to make customers feel well looked after, so we’ve tailored our processes accordingly.

  • 5. An authentic experience

    Australians love to support the little guy. Each of our stores has a one-of-a-kind feel, with custom décor, individually created art pieces and hand-painted street art. As a franchise owner, you get to make your mark on the neighbourhood in style.

  • 6. A flexible partner

    Every franchisee is different, so we try and be as flexible as we can in our model. We offer a variety of franchise formats including Express, Full-Service and Food Truck. You’ll also find our ability to help you find the right location and negotiate competitive leasing terms invaluable.

Key benefits of becoming a franchisee

  • Own part of one of Australia’s fastest-growing burger brands
  • Get comprehensive ownership and operations training
    for you and your team
  • Enjoy a ready-made audience and fan base, thanks to our
    high profile social media presence
  • Make the most of ongoing support, from infrastructure
    and training, to marketing

Franchising FAQs

No experience is required although related experience is useful. Milky Lane will provide comprehensive training at our own stores. The passion and effort of the Franchisee is the most important element of success.
The investment can vary depending on many factors. Location of the store, landlord's site contributions, size of the premises, level and type of equipment can all vary. The minimum requirement for investment is $150,000 – $600,000 (+GST) dependent on the site in Australia. There is also an initial franchise fee of $70,000 (+GST). Please note that these costs exclude the real estate cost. A royalty fee of 6.5% of gross sales is paid every month and each outlet contributes a maximum of 2% of sales towards online advertising.
Earnings from a store can vary widely and Milky Lane cannot estimate the results of any particular Franchisee. Success is based on a number of factors; the most important of which is the excellence in operational standards upheld by the Franchisee. There are business risks involved in starting any new business and earnings are not predictable.
You could open your new store in as little as 4 months. You need to allow for 8 weeks of training and for the store build to be completed. Your cooperation with the Franchising team will ensure your application progresses as quickly as possible.
Yes. Milky Lane Operations Team will help you to recruit and train staff.
You can have one or multiple business partners to be shareholders in the store to ensure you have enough funds to purchase a store.
You can sell your store at any time.
At this point in time we only accept owner operator applications who are invested in running a successful store. Therefore, we suggest that you do not have any other business interests when you become a Franchisee, however, this is not mandatory.
Yes. All Guarantors and Owners of a Sub-Franchise company entity must be permanent residents of the country in which the store is located. This policy applies to the 51% majority shareholder, any minority business partner/s and the spouse of the 51% majority shareholder. The Spouse of the 51% majority shareholder in the Sub-Franchisee entity is required to be a Guarantor under the Sub-Franchise Agreement. For the purposes of this Policy, “Spouse” means the married or de facto partner of the 51% Shareholder. This includes a couple, of any gender, living together on a genuine domestic basis.
Please contact us with your expression of interest. On receipt, we will send you an information pack along with the Comprehensive Application Form and the Confidentiality Agreement for you to complete and submit to Milky Lane. All information will be treated in strict confidence. When an opportunity arises, we will arrange for an interview to discuss the next step in becoming a Milky Lane Franchisee.