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Why full service restaurant menus (burgers + desserts, cocktails) are outdoing standard burger menus.

Why full service restaurant menus (burgers + desserts, cocktails) are outdoing standard burger menus.

There is no doubt that the burgers occupy a unique place in the American mind, in fact, in the mind of people worldwide. Burgers first appeared in the 19th or early 20th century. Previously, the ground beef and two buns were combined to create a burger, but the modern hamburger was the product of the culinary needs of the society.

The burger became popular due to industrialization, the emergence of the working-class and middle class, and the demand for affordable food that could be eaten outside of the home. The burger has spread from continent to continent; everyone around the world loves a burger.

Burger Restaurants

Arguably, the first fast-food restaurant that sold burgers originated in the United States is White Castle in 1921. Presently, American-founded fast-food chains such as McDonald’s (est. 1940) and KFC (est. 1952) are multinational corporations with outlets across the globe.

In 1971, the Americans brought their version of the hamburger joint to Australia. In that year, McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s first outlets were opened in Australia. The hamburger became a commodity, and fast food was born in Australia. Currently, there are thousands of burger restaurants in Australia, and Milky Lane is one of the best burger restaurants in Bondi that I have come across.

The Standard Burger Menus

In every burger restaurant you go, you will find varieties of burgers. They are often served with fries or chips. Typical burger joints have only burgers all over their menu, and they don’t offer other food items, which becomes a problem when you go out with your family and kids.

But you ever wondered, what other food and beverages other than chips and cola compliment the cheesy burger?

The Full-Service Burger Menus (Burgers + Desserts and Cocktails)

The Full-service Burger menus consist of food items other than burger and chips. Milky Lane is the burger joints in Australia who have desserts, drinks, cocktails for anyone to enjoy!

The burger and the desserts are an amazing combination, and they fuse together a sweet and savoury flavour to create the perfect balance. The only thing that makes the burger any better than it is on its own is a cocktail. With the full-service burger menus, you won’t have to eat a burger at one restaurant and head to another for a cocktail. You and friends can enjoy both at the same restaurant.

If you are out with your family, it’s more important to visit the restaurant that has full-service burger menus. Kids may not be a fan of burger, but every child love desserts, you won’t have to leave the place if your kid does not like the foods on the menu. You can enjoy the gooey burger while your kid will enjoy the delicious desserts.

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