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We are officially halfway through the year, so what trends are we seeing throughout hospitality?

We are officially halfway through the year, so what trends are we seeing throughout hospitality?

One major factor that defines the route for any hospitality business to taste success is the behaviour of their customers. These behaviours are often what we call ‘trends’, and the businesses that keep up with the trends are the ones who manage to stay relevant to their audience. Let’s talk about some of the most relevant trends in the hospitality industry today.

Catering To A Niche

What sets any business apart from its competitors is its approach to branding. Hospitality establishments have always been centred around their niche offerings and how they promote them. Some chose to remain close to their roots and humble beginnings by offering distinct experiences to their guests that were previously privy to a specific region and its people. At the same time, other hospitality establishments are more of an embodiment of the cultural movements that ushered a shift in perspective in the masses with their unique brand on it.

Milky Lane’s identity is centred on their love and appreciation of the Hip-Hop and R&B culture merging with their passion for fast food. Milky Lane’s strength is their niche, and they are always about everything burgers, Hip-Hop and R&B. In their own words, “Milky Lane is a place full of great food, over the top cocktails, crazy desserts and your favourite RnB and Hip-Hop Music.” Limp Brisket, Chic Kanye, Kevin Bacon and The Drake (vego) are some of the items from their burger menu, and their walls are covered with the graffiti of legends of the industry, both old and new. If you’ve ever wondered what the rappers` version of The Last Supper would look like, you will have to visit Milky Lane’s burger joint in Bondi, NSW.

Memories And Experiences That Can Be Shared

We live in a world that’s moving forward at an incredible pace. Between career, family, friends and self-development, we rarely have time to take a breather and savour a few memorable moments. Thanks to social media, we are more connected to the people near and dear to us. Even though not always in person, we still have ways to share some of our fondest memories and experiences. The current trend in hospitality is about finding more ways to provide customers with experiences they would be eager to share with their friends by offering something memorable and unique in terms of food, service and atmosphere. And Milky Lane’s burger joints tick all those boxes. That is why their restaurant chains have garnered a cult following from New South Wales to Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

“A Good Time”- Simplified

The best answers should always be simple. A few decades ago, people were picky about choosing a place to celebrate, depending on the nature of the occasion. If you had to take a girl on a date, it had to be an expensive posh restaurant with pretentious silverware and bow-tied staff. For a personal occasion or a family celebration, we chose a more relaxed and friendly local place to eat and drink. Now the distinction has narrowed itself down to some extent and the definition of a good time is all about having fun with family, friends and food. Some good music from the local artists and a friendly ambience is the cherry on top. Of course, each establishment puts its unique touch into the mix with its distinct take on a familiar experience.

Milky Lane franchises impressively embody this concept throughout their chain establishments all across the Australian Coast. The atmosphere is friendly, the food is excellent, and the music elevates the ambience to something everyone can vibe with—a good place for a great bunch of people to have a good time and chill. If you’re in a rush, then you can also simply grab a burger and go.

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