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11:00 am – 9:00 pm  
11:00 am – 9:00 pm  
11:00 am – 9:00 pm  
11:00 am – 9:00 pm  
12:00 pm – Late 
12:00 pm – Late 
11:00 am – 9:00 pm  

31 Lasso Rd, Gregory Hills, NSW 2557

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Gregory Hills

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Burgers, Cocktails and Desserts:
Gregory Hills' Ultimate Dining Destination

Are you looking for a restaurant that can offer a unique and unforgettable dining experience? Look no further than Milky Lane in Gregory Hills. Our restaurant boasts a vibrant and playful atmosphere accompanied by an incredible selection of burgers, cocktails, and desserts that will take your taste buds to a place they’ve never been, a Milky Wonderland.

Located in the heart of Gregory Hills, Milky Lane offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Our quirky and playful setting, adorned with murals and graffiti of hip hop and rap icons sets the tone for your dining experience. With a private dining area located near the DJ booth and spacious outdoor seating that can accommodate large groups, we have everything you need to enjoy a night out with friends and family.

At Milky Lane, we take pride in our innovative creations. Once you enter one of our restaurants, we strive at taking you away from the mundane, and embracing your quirks. These values are very clearly expressed in our burgers, cocktails, and desserts collectively. Our burgers are like no other you’ve experienced. We feature experimental and innovative flavour combinations on our menu that are created to push the boundaries, exciting and delighting the senses.

To complement your burger selections, our cocktails create an experience in itself, featuring vibrant colours and photo-worthy aesthetics that are sure to impress you.

Our never-before-seen cocktails use flavours of our past with the modern mixes we love to create a spectacle in a glass. Depending on occasion, we offer Shared, Dessert and our signature Famous Cocktails to suit all group sizes. From light and fruity to indulgent and cream-based drinks, we’ll have your group asking for “just one more”.

Let’s not forget about our desserts. Our decadent Milky Lane Desserts are the ultimate conclusion to your dining experience. Featuring well-known ingredients such as Caramilk and Biscoff, we combine these elements to create desserts you’ll struggle to turn back. With our innovative creations, we’re able to bring you Milky Lane dessert options like our Deep Fried Golden Gaytime; bringing nostalgia to the forefront of your dine-in experience. 

At Milky Lane, we believe dining-in should be an experience like no other, and we strive to ensure that every aspect of your evening is an unforgettable one. From our private dining area to our gaming rooms, we have everything you need to escape the mundane, and let your hair down. With our exceptional and knowledgable staff, we can assist with your selections; because, to put it simply, we know it’s a hard choice.

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the Milky Lane difference at our Gregory Hills restaurant. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you.

Gregory Hills
At A Glance


Milky Lane is conveniently located at 31 Lasso Rd, Gregory Hills. This location makes it easily accessible for residents of this vibrant community in South-West Sydney, craving some mouthwatering burgers, over-the-top desserts, vibrant cocktails, sides, and other Milky Lane special dishes.

Our restaurant in Gregory Hills is located near the Woolworths Supermarket, making it convenient for customers to stop by Milky Lane while running errands or shopping. Additionally, our store is just a short walk from Aquabliss Gregory Hills, making it the best place to refill your batteries and get home ready after a tiring swim class with the kids.

Our Gregory Hills restaurant is open from 11 am to 9 pm on Sundays to Thursdays and from 12 pm to late on Fridays and Saturdays.

Yes, we have ample parking space, so you do not have to worry about parking meters or risk parking your vehicles at unfriendly locations while dining at our restaurant.

The ambience at Milky Lane Gregory Hills is vibrant and playful, with murals and graffiti of hip-hop and rap icons, which creates an energetic and inviting atmosphere, making it the best place for an unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy the lively atmosphere while enjoying our delectable offerings for a truly memorable time.

We recommend booking a table in advance to ensure a hassle-free dining experience. You can easily make a reservation by using our convenient online reservation system.

Yes! We cater to all age groups. Our experienced team will make you and your little ones feel special and attended to. We also have a kid-friendly menu to tailor to the specific culinary needs of kids.

Yes! We have private dining areas and large outdoor areas catering to different-sized groups of customers willing to host events with their loved ones. Our experienced events team are willing to work with you to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.