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Treat yourself: why comfort food is good for the mind and soul

Treat yourself: why comfort food is good for the mind and soul

Today when I think about mind and soul, the only thing that comes to mind is ‘a mess’. The situation we are going through at the moment is not great, the fear of coronavirus, staying at home for months and whatnot.

We are surrounded by negatives that can hamper our mind, soul, and body. However, do you know a few simple things that can help, such as comfort food.

At the moment, when there aren’t many positives, comfort food is something to look forward to. Comfort foods provide a temporary sense of well-being, making us feel good.

Many people say that comfort food can reduce stress and make you feel happier. Comfort food generally reminds us of home, family, affection and love, so we feel happy and not lonely when we eat comfort food.

Everyone has their own comfort food, and my comfort food is the cheesiest burger ever that I often order from the best burger restaurant in Bondi – Milky Lane. The high-quality ingredients they use always win my heart.

At the moment, I cannot go out and enjoy the burger in the restaurant as I don’t want to take my kids out, but the good news is they deliver. In a few clicks, I can have my comfort food in my hands.

You might think that a restaurant’s burger can be comfort food for anyone because it does not have any nostalgic and sentimental appeal.

I had never tasted something like this burger before. However, I used to have burgers in my childhood, which made me remember my childhood whenever I had a burger. Milky Lane burger reminds me of my home, family, and my childhood, and that is how Milky Lane burgers became my comfort food.

Here are some of the reasons why comfort food is good for the soul and mind:

Feel Good

It is pretty common for comfort foods to contain a high fat, sugar and salt content. This is no surprise because eating these foods activates the brain’s reward system, like chocolate, and almost instantly makes people happy. So, our comfort food chemically makes us feel good.


There is a consistent connection between negative emotion and comfort food. When we are in a bad mood, eating comfort food is like a coping mechanism. Comfort food provides relief from negative feelings.

Family & Friends

We often associate a particular food with our family and friends. Eating these foods gives us comfort and security when we feel sad from not seeing our loved ones. For instance, for students who are stuck in the city due to coronavirus, comfort food might serve as a reminder of their home in times of isolation.

Comfort food has a lot of benefits, so don’t ever hesitate to treat yourself. If you are craving some amazing burgers, visit Milky Lane or order online and enjoy the best meal of your life right at your home. Not just burgers, Milky Lane, serves many other dishes and drinks – check out the Milky Lane menu.

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