Experience the Finest Cocktails
at Best Cocktail Bar in Gregory Hills

Best Cocktail Bar
in Gregory Hills

Discover and experience a cocktail bar first in Gregory Hills at 31 Lasso Rd. Just a short stroll from Campbelltown Arts Centre, treat yourself to an unforgettable dinner paired with our famous, extravagant cocktails. With a private dining area close to the DJ booth, you’ll understand why Milky Lane offers the perfect escape from your everyday life. With great food & cocktails, unparalleled service and an electrifying & vibrant atmosphere, you’ll be able to really let your hair down. Our unique dinner menu, spacious outdoor spaces, and plenty of parking make Milky Lane the perfect spot for that after-work or weekend wind down drink.

This isn’t your typical cocktail bar in Gregory Hills. Milky Lane’s cocktail offerings aren’t only about the drinks, but the complete bar experience. Beyond the vibrant and playful aesthetic, what sets us apart is our commitment to providing a vibrant, unforgettable and wondrous experience. We take pride in offering something different from other standard cocktail bars in Gregory Hills. Our products, from interactive and sharable cocktails, have that wow factor in taste and texture that keeps customers wanting more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout cocktails on offer at Milky Lane. The Grape Hubba Bubba Spider combines the iconic, nostalgic flavours of Grape Hubba Bubba and Spiders into one cocktail. Made from grape vodka, bubblegum syrup, grape Fanta, topped with ice-cream mix and a Hubba Bubba strip. This sweet and fruity drink will take you back to your childhood, with a little twist.

If you’re wanting to try something a little more modern with a sweet balance, try our Strawberry and Vanilla Mojito. This refreshing and delicious cocktail is made from Bacardi carta blanca, mint, strawberry, vanilla, lime, and soda. The addition of strawberry and vanilla gives this timeless classic a modern, tantalising finish.

If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for a dessert & cocktail in one, try our Bubble O Bill cocktail. This creamy sensation is made from 42 below vodka, butterscotch liqueur, Nutella, salted caramel, ice-cream mix, bubblegum foam, 100’s and 1000’s and a gumball. This indulgent beverage gives you a delicious flavours of a dessert with the punch of a cocktail. Our Bubble O Bill brings back the memories of your favourite childhood ice cream, with the delicious flavours of butterscotch, Nutella and salted caramel. 

Finally, the Golden Gaytime Popcorn cocktail is another one of Milky Lane’s unique and spectacular creations. Made from Bacardi white & coconut rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, Bischoff sauce, popcorn syrup, and Golden Gaytime popcorn, this drink is both sweet and salty, with a tropical finish.

With the quirkiness of Milky Lane Cocktails on offer, and the vibrant & electrifying atmosphere, you’re not just visiting for the bar, but the experience. With a playful indoor aesthetic, unique cocktail offerings and an unforgettable atmosphere; Milky Lane is the next cocktail bar in Gregory Hills to visit. We look forward to seeing you for a drink soon.


Milky Lane isn’t just your everyday cocktail bar in Gregory Hills. We pride ourselves in offering a truly vibrant and unforgettable experience that sets us apart. Our commitment goes beyond serving exceptional drinks; we aim to create a complete bar experience that will leave you wanting more. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be captivated by our playful and vibrant aesthetic, unparalleled service, and an atmosphere that simply buzzes with energy. At Milky Lane, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure a truly memorable time for our valuable customers.

Our cocktail bar in Gregory Hills offers a delightful array of cocktails that our patrons can’t get enough of. Experience the elegance of our Lychee Martini with 42 Below Vodka, Soho Lychee Liqueur, and a splash of lemon juice. Savour the classic Tommy’s Margarita made with Silver Tequila, Lime Juice, and Agave Syrup for the perfect balance. Indulge your nostalgia with the playful Grape Hubba Bubba Spider featuring Grape Vodka, Bubblegum syrup, and a fun Hubba Bubba Strip. For a tropical escape, try the Melon-Tini crafted with Silver Tequila, Aperol, and Passionfruit.

We do have a delightful Happy Hour at Milky Lane Gregory Hills! During our Happy Hour, you can take advantage of fantastic deals on selected drinks, including some of our most beloved cocktails. It’s the perfect opportunity to gather with friends or colleagues, unwind after a long day, and enjoy our vibrant atmosphere while sipping your favourite cocktail.

While we’d love to deliver our cocktails right to your doorstep, unfortunately, due to legal restrictions and safety considerations, we are unable to provide cocktail delivery services. However, we invite you to come and experience the magic of Milky Lane Gregory Hills in person! Enjoy the best cocktails in Gregory Hills, expertly crafted by our talented mixologists. We assure you it’ll be an experience worth cherishing!

At Milky Lane Gregory Hills, our cocktail menu is a highlight! We offer a variety of delightful share cocktails that are perfect for your party. Whether you choose our private dining area or the spacious outdoor space, our cocktails and ambience will impress your guests and make your event unforgettable.

Besides our stellar cocktail selection, we offer an enticing array of beverages to suit various tastes. We have a selection of local and international beers and wines. If you’re looking for something sweet and indulgent, our thickshakes are a must-try! And, of course, we have a range of mocktails, sodas and soft drinks for those seeking a non-alcoholic option.

Absolutely! Indulge your senses with our Bubble O Bill Cocktail, a decadent fusion of dessert and cocktail in one glass. Let’s picture this; 42 Below Vodka, Butterscotch Liqueur, Nutella, Salted Caramel, Creamy Ice-Cream mix, luscious Bubblegum Foam, and crowned with a Gumball. This divine creation captures the essence of your favourite childhood ice cream, tantalising your taste buds with the rich flavours of Butterscotch, Nutella, and Salted Caramel. It’s the ultimate treat for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth while enjoying a perfectly crafted cocktail.