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The cheat meal and why it can be a burger…

The cheat meal and why it can be a burger…

The cheat meal is a popular concept amongst fitness buffs and refers to an allocated day where one can indulge in their favourite foods without considering the calorie intake. For those who are committed to their fitness schedules, a cheat meal is the perfect reward day, especially if you’re a burger lover. It’s the day you can stack one high at your favourite local joint and even order a cocktail to wash it down.

However, not everyone agrees with the idea of a cheat meal; some believe they are not good for your health and can ruin your efforts to achieve your fitness goals. These people ignore the positive psychological impacts of cheat meals and only count the carbs. The physical benefits of cheat meals might not be proven, but we cannot ignore the fact that it has a positive effect on the mind.

Motivation is one of the most significant impacts of a cheat meal. It can motivate you to keep training because you have something to look forward to. It works as an incentive for your commitment, and incentives are a powerful driving force. For those who want to keep fit but adore their favourite meals too much, a cheat day ensures you are not hamstrung by your cravings and are not beholden to an unrewarding fitness program with no room for enjoyment.

Knowing that your body requires calories and can burn them comfortably once a week suggests that abstinence might be an overcorrection. For those with established fitness routines, a cheat meal is a freebie that allows you to indulge without guilt. Not to mention the benefits of a work and reward culture that provides a sense of achievement and discipline. Cheat meals also help minimise overindulgence in the long run because they negate a cold turkey approach that is typically fraught with negative psychological impacts.

When your cheat day approaches, you are set to enjoy every bite that little bit extra. It’s important to remember how food can be a euphoric experience and enhance your happiness, especially when your towering cheeseburger and milkshake have been so hard-earned. Dieting is about portion control and a commitment to exercise, so as long as you have this covered, a weekly trip to your favourite eatery can become the highlight of your week.

Once you’ve got momentum, you can enjoy planning for your cheat day. Milky Lane has fast become one of Australia’s most adored burger joints and is a great place to visit. Besides its variety of sought-after burgers, Milky Lane is also known for its unique desserts and cocktails. They have gluten-free and vegan options too. Check out their menu and book your table at the nearest Milky Lane restaurant via their website to get ready for the best cheat meal you’ve ever had.  

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