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Importance of good cheese on a burger as opposed to low-quality cheese

Importance of good cheese on a burger as opposed to low-quality cheese

Can you imagine the burger without the gooey melted cheese? Most probably, No. A burger without cheese is like a cake without the icing; it just doesn’t make any sense. American cheese is the essential ingredient of the burger.

The secret of most of the best restaurants in Australia is the cheese they use in their burgers. Milky Lane is one of my favourite burger restaurants in the Gold coast because of their high-quality cheese.

I tried making a burger at home but failed miserably; even after putting in all my efforts, I gave up the idea of making a burger at home. Every time I ate a burger in my favourite burger joint, I wondered how they crafted the perfect burger. I talked with them about the little secret of their burger that was not easy, though, and now I drool over my homemade burger every time.

Cheese is the secret to the delicious burger, but is throwing some cheese slices in our burger enough? No. There are plenty of manufacturers who produce slice cheese, due to which deciding which cheese to use becomes overwhelming.

Factors That Determine the Quality of Burger Cheese

Before buying burger cheese, you must know the difference between high-quality and low-quality cheese. Good packing does not make high-quality cheese one.

The first factor being the livestock diet, the quality and aroma of the milk used to make cheese depends upon the variety and the quantity of the animal’s diet. Secondly, the heat treatment of milk will also have an effect on the quality of cheese. Finally, the quality of other ingredients used to make American cheese, like milk fats and solids and whey protein concentrate, also affects the cheese product. Most importantly, American cheese must contain at least 51 percent cheese.

Characteristics of the High-Quality Burger Cheese

No doubt, the best processed American Cheeses are those with the shortest list of additives, more cheese is equal to more cheese flavour. American cheese has the capability to melt into delicious layers of silky milkiness and add a punch of salty and tangy richness to just about any food, especially burgers.

The low-quality cheese tastes like chemicals and sticks to your teeth; it is made from oil, water, whey, and other additives, which is very unhealthy.

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