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Is there a story behind the rappers and music at Milky Lane?

Is there a story behind the rappers and music at Milky Lane?

Milky Lane is the ultimate destination for hip hop and burger lovers alike. Milky Lane allows all its visitors to wine, dine, and be immersed in a hip-hop haven. The decor inside Milky Lane restaurants is one of a kind, reminiscent of an urban street with graffiti pieces, murals, and 3D designs adorning most of the walls. Each restaurant features playful and colourful murals, lavish booths, private dining, and smaller table areas for intimate groups.

The inside of every Milky Lane makes your urban street dreams a reality. A memorable experience for all guests, especially those who love the rap and hip-hop scenes, as well as those who are involved in street art.

Not only is Milky Lane notable for its beautiful restaurant interiors, but they also create a whole dining experience. Guests can enjoy a variety of delicious foods and drinks, with the ethos of hip hop beats in the background, creating an experience that guests never forget.

So, now you might be asking why Milky Lane has these amazing murals on their walls. Well, when Milky Lane was being started, the team wanted an amazing ambience in every space they created. Their love for hip-hop and R&B music and their love for street art and beautiful interiors mixed together to create the walls you see inside every Milky Lane.

Their murals were the perfect way to blend everything they wanted into one, and just to add to their incredible walls, every store plays amazing rap and R&B music over their speakers for the full impact.

Milky Lane is all about the good vibes and the good times. So, if you happen to be a street-art lover, music lover, or a burger lover – maybe even all three – then Milky Lane is the place for you.

Milky Lane offers an extraordinary ambience for you to completely forget about the outside world and enjoy every bite of your delicious burger. Not only do they sell outstanding burgers, but they serve incredible appetizers, desserts, and cocktails even to score and make sure there is something for everyone.

So, if this sounds like your kind of place, get your friends and family together, book a table and prepare your stomachs for a feast. They have multiple locations across QLD, NSW and ACT. These locations include Canberra, Surfers Paradise, Newcastle, Parramatta, Newstead and more.

Milky Lane is all about sharing great food, drinks and amazing vibes with your loved ones. You can even get them a Milky Lane voucher for a special present, or maybe so that you have an excuse to go there as well!  

Whether you are a burger expert, a lover of hip-hop music and street art, or just enjoy a great ambience, there is always something for everyone to enjoy at Milky Lane. So, head to their website to book or table or find the location closest to you.

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