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How an experience such as Milky Lane enhances your occasion

How an experience such as Milky Lane enhances your occasion

When people host events for their friends or family, they always look for the best place to have a good time. Customers want a pleasant ambience with good food and the friendliest and best staff.

A good variety on the menu, funky interiors, very well-groomed staff, and delicious food served in a gorgeous venue are exactly what the Milky Lane experience offers.

Milky Lane is all about the experience of the customer. People go there to feel the good vibes, not just to have food. Nothing is ever ‘too much in the food and hospitality industry. The service offered to every guest is refined to perfection.


The main purpose of visiting a restaurant is to eat, so the food at any restaurant should be delicious. Milky Lane aces the food game; there aren’t too many menu options, so you can rest assured that none of the dishes is pre-cooked and reheated.

Milky Lane burgers rule the restaurant, but sides, cocktails, and desserts are no less impressive. When customers host any event, they do not want to eat a burger and then leave. Milky Lane serves sides like onion rings, croquettes, chips, chicken, and fries that perfectly go with burgers.

To end your occasion on a sweet note, extravagant desserts such as Deep Fried Ego Caramel Magnum or Golden Gaytime, Baked Cookie Dough, and Fatman Scoop Ice cream are all yours. Milky Lane is not just about the best burgers. Our unique and fresh cocktails will add a few stars to your event.


This is probably the first thing people consider when choosing a restaurant. You may be looking for a restaurant in a prime location that is within a reasonable distance for most guests.

We have restaurants in eleven locations, seven in Sydney, three in Queensland and one in the ACT. Our locations, such as Bondi, Newcastle, Cronulla, Parramatta, Newstead, Crow’s Nest, Surfer’s Paradise and Canberra, are prime locations for any event.


Besides food, the ambience of a restaurant plays a gigantic role in the customers’ satisfaction. No one likes to host an event or celebrate a special occasion in a restaurant with bad vibes.

The ambience of a Milky Lane restaurant is funky and fun. The vast murals set the scene for the first of many custom street art pieces within. Milky Lane also delivers the best classic and modern Hip Hop and RnB music flowing all through the restaurant.

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