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Relax the restrictions! Why Milky Lane should be at the top of your list of post-social distancing restrictions

Relax the restrictions! Why Milky Lane should be at the top of your list of post-social distancing restrictions

Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), restaurant and food businesses around Australia have been hit extremely hard. We have been limiting our activities outside and spending more time than ever in our homes.

Nothing is like before; social distancing, no holidays and only minimal eating restaurants. Each day when I prepare my meals at home, I think about how I miss going to restaurants and eating delicious food with my whole big family. I also can’t stop thinking about visiting my favourite burger joint and the fun I used to have there.

However, with the number of cases still slowly growing, it’s better to maintain social distancing and help the government to bring back our favourite activities as soon as possible.

For a foodie like me, it is hard to spend more days at home without eating delicious restaurant food. However, thanks to many restaurants like Milky lane, they are changing how their business operates. Although some states have opened up limited spaces in restaurants, the door is not open completely, so I am extremely happy that they are open for takeaway and home delivery.

It’s a great step for restaurants to ensure their customer can still enjoy their food while staying at home safe and comfortable

I know when the restrictions start easing, even more, the first thing I will do is eat at our favourite restaurant; we have never missed eating out with the whole family this much!

After everything goes back to normal – or even now for takeaway – I highly recommend you visit Milky Lane if you want to treat yourself to the most delicious burger. Currently, they operate in 11 different locations – Bondi, Parramatta, Cronulla, Gregory Hills, Crow’s Nest, Newcastle, Surfers Paradise, Newstead, and Canberra.

They have the most revolutionary menu when it comes to a burger restaurant; from starters to desserts, you can enjoy a full-course meal at Milky Lane.

The best thing is they offer vegan dishes, which makes this the perfect place for everyone to enjoy together. You don’t have to worry if your friend is vegan; even vegan dishes are equally as delicious.

Milky Lane is well known for its burger; from beef to veg, they have multiple options to satisfy any taste. The juiciness and the taste of their burgers are hard to describe in words. If you are a burger lover and have been trying burgers at different restaurants, your search for the best burger will end here. Milky Lane is heaven on earth for all burger lovers.

And the best part is you can customize your burger – yes, a burger of your choice. Extra cheese, veg bun, gluten-free burger, crispy bacon they have lots of add-ons for customization.

Milky Lane also has incredible side dishes like crispy and delicious pop-Korn chicken, mac and cheese and Mash potato balls.

Also, the unique and fantastic desserts at Milky lane will leave you speechless. You should definitely try their Fatman Scoop dessert – a triple vanilla ice cream with Nutella and caramel. Even your kids will love it.

The restaurant atmosphere is funky, and the staff are so friendly you will enjoy every moment. It’s the best place to enjoy food and have fun with your friends after quarantine is over. However, you can still enjoy the delicious burgers from Milky lane through takeaway. They are open for delivery and take away. You can check the details here.

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