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Why you must try our signature desserts when you’re at Milky Lane Surfer’s Paradise?

Why you must try our signature desserts when you’re at Milky Lane Surfer’s Paradise?

At a glance

  • Milky Lane in Surfers Paradise offers a sweet playground of indulgence and hip-hop vibes.
  • Our signature desserts, such as Caramilk & Biscoff Cookie Dough Skillet, Deep Fried Golden Gaytime, and others, offer a flavourful experience, unlike others in Surfers Paradise.



Welcome to the sweet universe of Milky Lane in Surfers Paradise, where indulgence knows no bounds. Nestled in the heart of Surfers Paradise, our dessert haven is not just another sweet spot – it’s an experience that’s unapologetically individual and delicious. If you’re on a quest for the best dessert Surfers Paradise has to offer, look no further than Milky Lane. Here’s why our signature desserts deserve a special place in your heart.


The Milky Lane Experience


At Milky Lane Surfers Paradise, we’re all about creating moments as unique as you are. Our brand is synonymous with a quirky, vibrant atmosphere that sets the stage for unforgettable memories. It’s more than just a dessert place; it’s a destination where you can let your inner child run wild.

But Milky Lane is more than just desserts; it’s an urban street utopia where you can wine, dine, and immerse yourself in hip-hop culture. The decor takes on an ‘urban street’ feel with graffiti pieces, murals, and 3D designs adorning most walls inside each of our venues. Each restaurant is a canvas of playful and colourful murals, lavish booths, private dining areas, and smaller table areas for intimate groups.


A Place for Everyone


Milky Lane is a welcoming haven for families, couples, and kids. Our kid-friendly atmosphere ensures that even the little ones have a great time. We offer ample parking space, ensuring everyone can indulge in our sweet offerings without working their heads about parking tickets.


The Star Attractions: Signature Desserts


Now, let’s dive into what makes Milky Lane truly extraordinary – our signature desserts that are nothing short of edible art.






Imagine a dessert that’s a fusion of flavours, baked to perfection and delivered in a skillet that oozes indulgence. That’s what you get with our Caramilk & Biscoff Cookie Dough Skillet. It’s a delightful marriage of baked Caramilk and Biscoff cookie dough, crowned with Caramilk chips, crushed Lotus biscuits, velvety vanilla ice cream, and a playful dusting of icing sugar.

As if that’s not enough, it comes with a shot of Lotus Biscoff sauce for that extra layer of decadence. It’s an adventure for your taste buds that you won’t want to end.




Our Double Stacked-Pancakes are a work of art. Drizzled with Lotus Biscoff sauce and maple syrup, they’re a symphony of sweet and savoury that dances on your palate. Topped with crushed Lotus biscuits, liquid Nutella, fresh strawberries, bananas, a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a final dusting of icing sugar, it’s a dessert that defies expectations.




For a taste of nostalgia with a twist, try our Deep Fried Golden Gaytime. We take this classic treat, coat it in crushed biscuits and cornflakes, and deep fry it to crispy perfection. The magic happens when it’s drizzled with maple syrup and liquid Nutella, creating a delightful contrast of textures and flavours that’ll transport you back to childhood.




Sometimes, simplicity steals the show. Our Fatman Scoop is a double scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream generously smothered with liquid Nutella and salted caramel sauce. It’s a sweet escape from the ordinary, proving that less can indeed be more regarding dessert.




Churros, meet fries. Our Deep Fried Churro Fries are dusted in cinnamon sugar for that perfect crunch. Served with a side of Nutella dipping sauce, they’re the ultimate comfort food with a Milky Lane twist.




Take your Churro Fries experience to the next level with our Loaded Donut Churro Fries. These crispy delights are dusted with cinnamon sugar and loaded with Cherry Ripe bits, shredded Milky Bar, a drizzle of salted caramel sauce, and a dollop of strawberry jam custard. It’s a dessert carnival about bold flavours and unapologetic indulgence.


If you’re searching for the best dessert Surfers Paradise can provide, look no further than Milky Lane. Book a table today!


Milky Lane Specials for the Customers


We also have gift cards that are perfect for any person or occasion, ranging from $20 to $200. And for those who wish to don our Milky Lane attires, check out our range of Milky Lane apparel – it’s fresh!

Milky Lane makes its customers feel special through their special occasions. Feel free to contact us for any functions, staff parties, or birthdays. Join us and experience the perfect blend of sweet indulgence, hip-hop culture, and unapologetic individuality at Milky Lane Surfers Paradise.


Ready to embark on a dessert adventure like no other?

Visit Milky Lane Surfers Paradise today, and let your taste buds ride on the sweet side. Remember to share your Milky Lane sweetness with the world using #MilkyLaneSweetness.



In the vibrant heart of Surfers Paradise, Milky Lane beckons with an invitation to indulge, explore, and create unforgettable moments. As you savour our signature desserts, you’ll immerse yourself in an experience uniquely Milky Lane – a playful, colourful world where sweet dreams come true.

Beyond our delectable offerings, Milky Lane Surfers Paradise is a haven for families, couples, and kids, designed to cater to all with open arms. Whether enjoying our legendary desserts or hosting a special event, Milky Lane is your playground of sweet indulgence, hip-hop vibes, and more. Join the sweet adventure today, and let your taste buds ride on the sweet side.

Share your #MilkyLaneSweetness with the world, and discover why Milky Lane is the ultimate destination for those seeking a taste of paradise.

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