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Why this famous tourist destination needs global vaccination rates to spike?

Why this famous tourist destination needs global vaccination rates to spike?

With the deep blue Nerang river on one side and the warm Pacific Ocean on the other side, and more restaurants, shops, high rise resorts than anywhere else in the country, Surfers Paradise is undisputedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia.

If you want to spend your holidays somewhere along the east coast of Australia, then Surfers Paradise is the perfect place for you. It is also known as the tourism capital of Queensland as there is always something to do or somewhere to go for everyone, especially at night. From great restaurants, nightclubs, pubs and a wide range of attractions.

However, since the pandemic began, local tourism has slowed, but international tourism has stopped entirely. The lockdowns meant the interstate borders closed, keeping everyone who didn’t already live in Queensland out.

Since most of the businesses in Gold Coast heavily rely on tourism, Gold Coast’s peak tourism body has anticipated a loss of around $1billion in the September quarter since the pandemic started. As a result, their tourism industry has faced one of its darkest days in the last 18 months.

Many industry experts have suggested that it’s crucial to increase the vaccination rate and provide vaccines to improve tourism. Closing the border and lockdowns won’t be a long-term solution. The sooner that the Australian vaccine levels reach 80%, the better it will be for the tourism industry, especially for locations such as Gold Coast. This is because the Gold Coast also relies on visitors from down south to come seeking the sun. However, since NSW and VIC have been hit the hardest, the situation has only worsened.

Vaccinations will help open the borders and lift the lockdown restrictions, which will also help recover the economy.

This will also be helped by re-opening the international border, which is expected to be trailed before the end of 2021. This will therefore allow international tourists to once again land on the sunny shores of Queensland. However, these tourists will need to be vaccinated so, as global vaccination rates continue to rise, it will mean more tourists for the abandoned Australian tourism industry.

Tourism isn’t the only industry that is naturally impacted by this. Hospitality and restaurants have felt the pain of the lack of tourists throughout the Gold Coast.

Restaurants like Milky Lane, the best burger restaurant in the Gold Coast, have had to deal with a lack of tourism, but they are still serving their delicious burgers to all locals along the coast. The locals are coming from up the coast, just to head to Milky Lane, and take advantage of the lack of tourists, to be able to get a booking at Milky Lane and devour their amazing burgers, drinks, sides and desserts.

While people will still need to follow public health safety measures like social distancing and wearing a mask, global and Australian vaccination rates are rising; it is only a matter of time before tourists come flocking back.

So if you are a Queensland local and you love burgers and want something completely new and unique, from cocktails to burgers and desserts, then Milky Lane is the place to be. Online booking is also available so that you can enjoy the best burgers in Australia with your friends.

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