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The experience or the food, What matters most?

The experience or the food, What matters most?

If you had two options – fantastic food and poor service, or mediocre food and flawless service, which would you pick? I know it’s not an easy choice, but it shouldn’t even be considered as a valid option.

Great restaurants should deliver both excellent food and service consistently, but sometimes things can go wrong, even at the best places. The question is, does good service beat good food or does good food trump all?

Let’s see what matters the most.

Why Food Matters

We all know we don’t go to a restaurant just to eat. There are a lot of other reasons –we love the atmosphere, the company or sometimes it is just because we don’t want to do the dishes.

However, even the best service in the world isn’t going to make up for less-than-average food. A good dining experience is all about trust between the restaurant and the consumer, and nothing builds that trust better than tasty food.

At Milky Lane you can find full course meals, from a delicious burger and sides to a cocktail or dessert. They have a variety of burgers that can satisfy every taste bud. When it comes to delicious food, Milky Lane will never fail to meet your expectations.

Apart from burgers, they have sides like Bacon Mac & Cheese Croquettes, Pop-Korn Chicken, Fries, and many others. Even if you are vegan, they have got your back, with unique vegan dishes so that no one is left behind; Milky Lane caters to all.

Why Service and Experience Matters

There are a number of new dining establishments emerging daily; so, there is the need for an edge, in order to compete. How can a restaurant stand out from the crowd?

Some diners are more into the service and behaviour of the restaurant staff, and they argue no food can make up for lousy service, which is somewhat true. As we said before, a good dining experience is built on trust. It is the server’s responsibility to build that trust; food is not something that gets served immediately after walking into the restaurant, but the service is the first point of contact you have with a restaurant.  

Equally, great service can be enough to make up for things that go wrong in the kitchen – like a smile and a genuine apology or complementary food and wine can do a lot of magic. A lot can be forgiven with good service.

This is why you must treat every customer as a family member. Our main goal is to see the customer leaving our place with a happy and filled stomach.

In other words, we believe if you give your diners something they have never experienced before, they will definitely enjoy the food even more.

So, Which Matters More?

Which is more important, good food or customer service? The real answer is not as clear as you may want.

In restaurants, as in life, things go wrong. Food will be cooked improperly; someone may not have a good day. However, the worst combination is bad food and rude servers. Perfection is not realistic, and that is not what makes a restaurant great, one should be able to handle mistakes gracefully as they happen.

Good food with good service is always the key to success for every restaurant.

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