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Not only are our burgers the tastiest in Australia, but they’re also the best looking. Why our burgers are perfect for your next Instagram post.

Not only are our burgers the tastiest in Australia, but they’re also the best looking. Why our burgers are perfect for your next Instagram post.

We know burgers, but we also know it isn’t just the burgers alone that make up ‘The Milky Lane Experience’. It’s the whole package. Our juicy burgers, our over-the-top desserts, our amazing cocktails, and our groovy restaurant interiors & music; are all contributing features that make our restaurants iconic around the country. Our one-of-a-kind restaurant themes have been resonating with our burger-loving customers since 2016. Our mutual passion for great food and hip-hop has brought us together, making Milky Lane what it is today. Each restaurant location has its own urban vibe, complemented with our show-stopping artwork and local DJs. This collectively makes up ‘The Milky Lane Experience’.

We also take pride in handcrafting the most delicious burgers in Australia while appreciating the aesthetics; after all, we are burger artists. This is evident on our Instagram profile, showcasing our love for Milky Lane’s overly photogenic food & drink menu for all our fans to see. Our menu is equally as tasty as it is “Gram-worthy”.

Thanks to the Instagram communities’ love and admiration for food, we’ve been able to express our work on a global scale. Not only do we love sharing our delicious combinations through our social media channels, but we also love seeing our customers share their Milky Lane experience.

In the modern world of social networking, the global trend of photographing your meals has become quite a viral exercise. A meal can’t be eaten for many diners until a perfectly angled photograph is taken and shared with their followers online. Not long ago, restaurants relied entirely on word-of-mouth and reviews. Now, the internet has provided us with social media and the internet, where any user can share their dining experience with their fanbase. We understand the tremendous reach and potential this offers the hospitality industry, and we thrive off it.

This means every Milky Lane burger or cocktail that goes to our customers has to be ‘Instagram-worthy’ by the time it leaves the kitchen. This has become a huge, free form of marketing that all restaurant chains are taking advantage of. In some ways, the presentation of your meals is as important as the quality of the meal itself. At Milky Lane, we excel at both.

With the delicious range of burger options across our menu, there are notable choices that we believe are perfect for your next Instagram post. Our Kevin Bacon burger is one of our most photogenic, purely due to its impressive size. Constructed with quadruple smashed beef patties, quadruple American cheese, crispy maple smoked bacon, Milky Lane’s BBQ & truffle aioli sauces, caramelised onions and pickles. This burger is a monster. Not only do these ingredients make it one of our tastiest, but it’s also an Instagrammers’ dream! This burger’s sheer size and girth make it a goliath in its category. Its viral potential is limitless, with four oozing American cheese slices melting between the four juicy smashed meat patties. So next time you’re at one of our restaurant locations put this burger at the top of your list. The only thing to do then tries to finish it!

If you’re feeling up to it, in addition to our Kevin Bacon burger, grab yourself one of our loaded signature thick shakes. From crunchie to snickers, this delectably creamy beverage is as visually impressive as it is delicious. Just be sure to grab an ‘Instagrammable’ shot of your thick shake and burger before you get into it. So, grab your phone, bring an empty belly, and come into your nearest restaurant location to enjoy the full Milky Lane experience today!

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