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How have restaurants pivoted during lockdowns to remain viable?

How have restaurants pivoted during lockdowns to remain viable?

Milky Lane is Australia’s number 1 boutique burger restaurant in Bondi. In a one-of-a-kind legendary institution, juicy burgers and over-the-top sweets meet fantastic drinks. Since 2016, Milky Lane has been shaking up the burger industry and winning a legion of followers for their unique approach to fun. Their love of hip-hop is the only thing that rivals their passion for outstanding food. That’s why each location has a distinctly urban flavour, with eye-catching artwork and local DJs spinning tunes till late.

Milky Lane is the whole package. They’re more than a burger or a martini; they’re a whole experience. Their ingredients are the foundation and only utilise the highest quality and freshest products available.

Just because they are the whole package doesn’t mean they had to pivot to a range of takeaway options during the lockdown to remain viable. Milky Lane has to keep evolving and stay ahead of the curve during lockdown to still reel in customers during this time.

Every restaurant had to adjust to stay viable because, in this case, it was always about the food; you can’t distract customers with ambience and instead need to serve the absolute best food possible.

Milky Lane burgers are so good that people couldn’t stay away despite the restrictions. Their burgers are crafted with the finest Angus beef, premium American cheese, gently toasted fluffy milky bread, crisp fresh lettuce, and their very renowned ML sauces, with an addition of the salty crispness of bacon and onion rings, depending on the burger you choose.

They are always on the lookout for what’s new and trendy as they enjoy putting their own touch on classics. They’re highly conscious of the freshness of components and resources and are willing to provide a well-balanced, flavourful product unlike anything else on the market. Using only the freshest ingredients is another way restaurants had to adjust during the restrictions. If your food wasn’t top quality, you could easily lose customers.

So now that lockdown is over, you can head in-store to enjoy the Milky Lane experience.

With new Milky Lane’s on the way, getting your friends together, grabbing a tasty burger, and making a night of it has never been easier. Diners can’t get enough of this American-inspired burger bar, located across Sydney and now the Gold Coast, featuring burgers, shakes, and desserts to satisfy any sweet craving. Every month, there are fresh deals to try.

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t seen the #foodporn coming from Milky Lane HQ, as they are Australia’s most Instagrammable restaurant. Imagine melted cheese flowing in unexpected places, strange flavours (lasagne burger, anyone?!), and alcoholic shakes to rival any drunken shake. When you combine all of this with banging sounds, quirky rooms decked out with graffiti, and staff that genuinely enjoy what they do, it’s no surprise that Milky Lane has taken Australia by storm.

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