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Feeling peckish in Parramatta, Lunch at Milky Lane hits the spot

Feeling peckish in Parramatta, Lunch at Milky Lane hits the spot

At a glance

  • Discover the best lunch spot in Parramatta that offers a unique and playful dining experience.
  • Dive into a dessert paradise with delightful and indulgent creations, such as the famous BIG L burger and customisable drinks.
  • Experience the magic of Milky Lane’s creative cocktail bar, where mixologists craft visually stunning and delicious drinks.
  • Enjoy the warm and friendly ambience of Milky Lane, decorated with quirky urban graffiti and pop-culture references.



Welcome to Milky Lane, the ultimate destination for foodies in Parramatta! If you’re on the hunt for the best lunch spot in town, look no further. Milky Lane is not just a restaurant; it’s a foodie wonderland that promises to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more. From the juiciest burgers in Parramatta to heavenly desserts and a creative cocktail bar, we have it all! Let’s take you on a journey through the culinary delights that make Milky Lane the top choice among lunch spots in Parramatta.


Uncovering the Milky Lane Experience


Step into our quirky universe in Parramatta, where delightful surprises await you at every turn. We’ve mastered the art of crafting burgers that will leave you swooning with delight. Sink your teeth into our creations, and you’ll be transported to a flavour paradise like no other. From classic to inventive, our burgers cater to all taste preferences, ensuring that each bite is an explosion of taste and textures.

For the sweet seekers, prepare yourself for a dessert extravaganza. Our desserts are not just desserts; they are sweet symphonies that will set your taste buds dancing with joy. The Deep Fried Golden Gaytime is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the soul, while our Loaded Donut Churro Fires bring you close to your wildest dessert dreams.

And let’s not forget about our cocktail creations that are nothing short of magical. Our mixologists are culinary wizards, concocting potions that will enchant your senses and lift your spirits. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail with a twist or one of our signature mixes, our cocktail bar will cater to your libation desires.


Lunch at Milky Lane – Lunched & Loaded!


Come on down to Milky Lane Parramatta today and indulge in our exciting new lunch specials. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re craving a hearty burger, a quick on-the-go option, or a lighter meal. Here’s what we have in store for you:


Lunched & Loaded Meal Deals


Feast on your favourite burgers with our Lunched & Loaded meal deals! Head to the Parramatta location between 12 pm and 4 pm and purchase any burger to receive a complimentary serving of crispy chips and a refreshing soft drink. This is the ultimate lunchtime treat that’ll leave you satisfied and ready to take on the day.


On The Go Cups Special


For those with a busy schedule, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our newly launched On The Go Cups! Get your hands on these convenient $9 lunch specials available at our Parramatta store from 12 pm to 5 pm. Choose from a delicious selection of tasty options served in a handy cup for a delightful lunch that won’t slow you down.


Naked Burgers – Your Lighter Option


Introducing our Naked Burgers, the perfect choice for those seeking a lighter lunch. These delightful naked burgers are available all day, every day, at our Parramatta store. Enjoy a fresh, flavorful meal without guilt, and keep things light and refreshing.


Milky Lane Menu; Burgers, Desserts & Cocktails


The Best Burgers in Parramatta


Best Burgers in Parramatta


Oh, burgers, the heart and soul of Milky Lane! We take immense pride in crafting the most delectable burgers that Parramatta has ever seen. Each burger is a masterpiece, carefully assembled with the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that every bite is an explosion of flavours. Whether you’re a meat lover or a dedicated vegan, we have a burger that will tantalise your taste buds.

For meat lovers, our Milky Lane Classics is a timeless favourite, featuring succulent beef patties, melting cheese, bacon, and our secret sauce, all sandwiched between toasted tasty buns. Trust us; it’s burger perfection! And for our plant-based pals, the Milky Lane Vegan options boast zesty vegan patties that will leave you amazed at how delicious vegan burgers can be.


Divine Desserts in Parramatta


Divine Desserts in Parramatta


If you have a sweet tooth, Milky Lane is your paradise! Our desserts are not just desserts; they are sweet dreams come true. Prepare yourself for an indulgent journey through our dessert menu that will have you grinning from ear to ear. The Caramilk & Biscoff Cookie Dough Skillet is a dessert marvel adorned with baked Caramilk, Biscoff and cookie dough skillet, crushed lotus biscuit, vanilla ice cream, and more – a feast for your eyes and your taste buds!

For those craving a pancake delight, our Biscoff & Nutella Pancakes brings to you a delightful selection of toppings like fresh berries, Nutella, and maple syrup! Each dessert creation is a symphony of flavours and textures, promising an experience you won’t soon forget.


A Creative Cocktail Bar in Parramatta


Creative Cocktail Bar in Parramatta


As the sun sets over Parramatta, the fun doesn’t stop at Milky Lane. Our cocktail bar is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts where creativity knows no bounds. Our mixologists are experts at what they do, concocting cocktails that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Whether you prefer a classic with a twist or one of our signature mixes, our bar has something to please every palate.

Try the Strawberry & Vanilla Mojito for a refreshing take on the classic Mojito, infused with hints of fresh fruit and a touch of magic. Feeling adventurous? The Pine Lime Spice will transport you to another universe with its colourful mix of spirits and tantalising flavours. At Milky Lane, every cocktail is a work of art designed to complement your meal and elevate your dining experience.


Why Choose Milky Lane?


With an array of the best burgers, divine desserts, and a creative cocktail bar, it’s no wonder why Milky Lane stands tall as the best lunch spot in Parramatta. But it’s not just about the food; it’s the entire experience that sets us apart. Step into our quirky and welcoming ambience, where you’ll be greeted with friendly smiles and a warm atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

Whether you’re dining solo, with friends, or with family, Milky Lane caters to all and ensures that everyone leaves with a satisfied smile. Our menu proudly offers vegan options, making sure that everyone can indulge in our culinary delights. Bring the kids along, as our restaurant is kid-friendly, ensuring that the little ones have just as much fun as the grown-ups.

The moment you step into our quirky and welcoming ambience, you’ll know you’re in for a culinary experience like no other. Our staff is more than just a team; we’re a family of food enthusiasts who are passionate about making your visit unforgettable. Expect friendly banter, quick service, and a warm smile that will make you feel right at home.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through Parramatta, join us at Milky Lane for an unforgettable lunch experience. Our burgers, desserts, and cocktails await you with open arms, ready to hit the spot and leave you with a smile.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the playful and unapologetically individual spirit of Milky Lane, where deliciousness meets creativity in a symphony of flavours. Come hungry and leave happy as we hit the spot for hungry souls in Parramatta. We can’t wait to welcome you to our foodie wonderland!

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