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Why do restaurants create a monthly special menu?

Why do restaurants create a monthly special menu?

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Many restaurants, if not all, roll out special menus on occasion. Those who enjoy dining at some nearby restaurant or sometimes afar are likely to see eateries put up notice reading ‘SPECIAL MENU.’ Whenever we set our eyes on such menus, most of us can’t help but order a few dishes from the same.

Well, the word ‘special’ hits us differently; it is enticing, and dishes on specials do not roll out week after week, so most of us just want to make the order. You know specials are not a part of regular menus – if they were, they would no longer be special.

As a part of the greater population across city areas, you are acquainted with special menus. We like to make orders from that special menu card and enjoy what comes next; if the taste hits the right tone, we consider ordering the same dish when it rolls out for a second time. Restaurants where regular menus continue to attract considerable traffic also roll out special menus on various occasions.

So, why do restaurants care to create such menu cards which require extra time and effort from the owners as well as chefs, shifting the back-of-house work while catering to such specials?

Creating special menus for their customers serves not only one but rather several purposes. Having specials is a way of creating a versatile and exciting dining experience for the customers. In doing so, restaurants have a similar purpose – to keep the customers happy with good and new foods.

Eating from the regular menus day in and day out has stigmas of flatness which easily urge people to look the other way. This other way in restaurants is the special menus; customers relish having special dishes from time to time. This appeals to restaurants to emphasise on such menus.

A number of burger boutique brands in Australia, for example, Milky Lane, also offer special menus for its customers to have a variation of taste and texture in burgers. If burgers are a thing of love and relish, you can try different variations when you order your burgers from Milky Lane.

Known for their amazing juicy burgers and over-the-top desserts, Milky Lane rolls out special menus with flavourful burgers every month. You may not have tried as many variations of burgers with different flavours as Milky Lane offers. Milky Lane burgers are here to excite you and make your normal day special with their handcrafted burgers.

With the creation of versatile dining experiences for their customers, restaurants also look to cash in the opportune moment that comes with seasonal ingredients while creating special menus. Seasonal ingredients, as the name suggests, are a thing of seasons, so they are already unique. Additionally, seasonal ingredients are in abundance in its season and are cheaper compared to off-season ones, so creating menus inspired by seasonal ingredients cuts grocery bills and back-the-house expenses.

Special menus offer an effective and productive means for restaurants to clear excess inventory, where menus revolving around excess products are put in use for a comparatively lower price. In case of excess inventory of chicken, they may hit the special menu card for a cheap price. This practice helps reduce wastage in terms of whatever hasn’t been sold; likewise, customers get to enjoy dishes for a lower price creating a win-win scenario for both parties.

Another purpose of creating a special is to show chefs’ creativity. Cooking is a form of art, and creating specials lets the chefs showcase their artistic, creative and experimental sides and keep their talent afloat while most of the days, they are embroiled in the ‘same regular’ cooking styles, which can kill their creative side.

This is also an act of keeping the staff satisfied and happy, which is a crucial factor in the overall growth of a restaurant. You can check out the amazing creative sides of Milky Lane chefs with a single order of Milky Lane burgers. They have the best burger slingers in town!

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