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What do Australians exactly want in their plant-based burgers?

What do Australians exactly want in their plant-based burgers?

At a glance:

  • Why are plant-based products popular?
  • Qualities of plant-based burgers Australians enjoy.

Food is a sensitive matter for people anywhere in the world. With the increasing consumption of meat products and assessing its impact on the planet, a plant-based diet is now considered an alternative.

Furthermore, with the popularity of plant-based products, the demand for plant-based burgers is increasing in many parts of the world, and Australia is one of those nations. But those who wish to consume this new form of burgers also want them to surpass the functionalities of real meat – like the beef patty they are so fond of eating. For Australians, beef is the benchmark for their burgers – so for exactly what Australians are willing to give up on their precious-delicious beef patty and revel in a plant-based product?

When it comes to food quality, Australians are not willing to compromise. It is now more like a power shift in diet with people choosing healthier food than before – still, they will have higher taste expectations as always. A touch of quality, texture, taste, and appearance could bring more Aussies to try out plant-based burgers.

Australians factor in various aspects to call burgers a great meal. Most of them consider texture as a top priority in burgers. When plant-based burgers can replicate the meaty firmness in real meat – plant burgers can capture their taste. For Aussies, beef is the most important piece in a burger, and they wish for a similar taste originating from a real beef pattie if they are to consume plant-based burgers. They want their new burgers to have the same flavour and savoury taste as a beef patty when grilled.

Australians also prefer foods that are not excessively cooked – such as foods with an appealing appearance. A caramelised burger is a visual treat to Australians. Not to forget the sizzling sound and order of patty from cooking – these things help them to have a comfortable and pleasing food experience. When plant-based burgers can ensure these factors, Australians are likely to try more plant-based burgers. Research suggests health is also a major contributor to the change in diet.

Have you heard the word ‘flexitarian’? This word is a combination of flexible and vegetarian. A flexitarian diet is a plant-centred diet with room for occasional consumption of natural meat – so it is a flexible diet, and you are still a vegetarian. People in various developed countries in the world are switching to flexitarian diets. With the massive social media outreach, everyone feels sympathetic and inclined toward individual health and environmental concerns. This could have led many to try meat alternatives now.

Looking around, you notice the demand for plant-based meat is increasing. Many people choose these plant-based products over natural meat in different parts of the world. What we eat and drink directly affects our health, and more and more people are conscious about what they want to eat and what not. At the same time, remaining flexible with their diets and try plant-based products to reform their health, regaining the taste and flavour of their food items. Eating healthy means staying happy!

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