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The perfect drink pairings for your burger

The perfect drink pairings for your burger

From simple hamburgers to towering cheeseburgers with all the trimmings, foodies enjoy their favourite stack with a delicious beverage. Some argue cocktails, while others say milkshakes are the perfect accompaniment to a burger, but the best combination may vary based on your mood. Milky Lane has made significant waves in the local burger scene since 2016, and their plentiful menu of sumptuous burgers and drinks has something for every palate and dietary requirement.

Winter may encourage one to pair their burger with a glass of Penfolds RWT Shiraz- a choice red for many Australians. Conversely, the same patron may opt for a pale ale on a hot summer day, which can still hit the spot as effectively. The best thing about pairing is that there is no correct combination, and fortune often favours the brave. Milky Lane has listed some fan-favourite pairings below and invites you and your friends to stop by.

Burgers and Beer

The ease and delight of a neatly wrapped burger to pair with a Carlton Draught or pale craft ale is a summer pastime. The perfect combo for a February sunset is the tantalising contrast of a grilled patty and oozing melted cheese with a refreshing swig of icy beer. Even if drought or pale ale isn’t for you, Milky Lane has a multitude of different beers, and their knowledgeable staff are happy to recommend an in-house combo to get you started.

Burgers and Wine

Burgers and a glass of wine are a heavenly match amongst the culinary crowd. Milky Lane has a drop to match any season or burger between a healthy variety of whites and reds. For newcomers, a classic beef burger pairs exceptionally well with a cabernet sauvignon. This combo is great for those who prefer to dine in and wish to take in the range of flavours slowly- one glass and one bite at a time. It’s also perfect for date night!

Pairing With a Milkshake

This has been an Australian staple for some time as it nods to the American fast-food combo but has now been adapted with quality ingredients- both in the burger and the shake. As the name suggests, Milky Lane offers a delicious and signature range of flavours in their milkshakes and welcomes all to try this modern combo. After all, it’s one of the most satisfying combinations of savoury and sweet you’ll find around town.

This is a bartender’s favourite and a real opportunity to get creative. After devouring some mouthwatering ground beef, golden cheese, grilled onions and house sauce, a mild flavour profile is sure to complete the dining experience. Specifically, whiskey cocktails are popular with burgers and are often sought after by club and pub-goers. The flavour explosion extends to martinis, mojitos and just about any other classic cocktail you can think of.

Milky Lane employs the best mixologists in town to create their cocktails and is one of the reasons for their exponential growth in Australia. 

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