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How websites or web platforms could be used as the new in-store menu.

How websites or web platforms could be used as the new in-store menu.

The restaurant industry is still feeling the effect that the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic placed on Australian hospitality. The mass shutdown of restaurants forced operators to think about their business strategies for the future.

Restaurant owners have to implement changes to survive the crisis, such as takeout and delivery, which was once an afterthought but has now become vital for the survival of some businesses.

As the restrictions are easing and we are getting back to business, restaurant owners are trying to figure out what actions they can take to stay safe while running their restaurants.

The first thing operators need to do is ditch paper menus; they are no longer safe to use more than once due to potential coronavirus transmission, and throwing them away after every use is just a waste.  

Menus are often germ-riddled as they are the first thing the customer picks up, and they read and pass them around to other people, which is not safe during these times.

For all restaurants reopening, menu safety should be a top priority. Restaurants should start adapting to a digital menu, such as using websites as an in-store menu.

Keeping the menu completely digital will minimize the contact touchpoints. Most restaurants in Australia are already using large screens so that no physical contact is required.

However, not all restaurants can afford big screens and fancy technology, but here is where websites and web platforms can come into play. Customers can access the menu via their phones, which is a lot cheaper and safer for both the customer and the owners.

Now you might wonder if you adapt to the digital menu to stay safe during this pandemic; what will you do with the digital menu after everything returns to normal.

Then let me tell you, the digital menu is the future and the ‘new normal’. There are many other benefits to a digital menu besides being safe from coronavirus. Below listed are some of them:

Easy For Customers

Digital menus are the best way to enhance the customer experience. They can check out the restaurant’s menu in just a few clicks.

It also helps lower the customer’s wait time as they can pre-decide what they want to eat.

24/7 business

Digital menus take your restaurant outside, too. Not only can customers check out the menu in the restaurant, but they will also be able to know to check out all of your info on the website before coming in to dine with you.

The attractive pictures on your restaurant’s website will also entice the customers, and they can also learn about any promotional offers at the same time.

Easy Menu Update

Due to the changes in the industry, most restaurants have updated their menu so that food is not going to get wasted. When digitizing the restaurant menu, updating your menu becomes 20x easier.

All changes on the menu, including menu item changes and pricing, can be managed remotely so that it gets updated on the e-menu as soon as possible.

If you want to nail the digital menu, take notes from one of the best burger restaurants in Australia – Milky Lane. Check out their super fantastic menu here.

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