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Create your very own ‘cheat meal’ with Milky Lane’s Cheat Platters

Create your very own ‘cheat meal’ with Milky Lane’s Cheat Platters
  • Cheat meals, a departure from routine diets, serve as a psychological boost and a metabolic catalyst. They are crucial to well-balanced diets and support a long-term commitment to healthier food choices.
  • Milky Lane, an Australian culinary gem, takes the concept of cheat meals to a new level with their innovative “Cheat Platters”.
  • A Cheat Platter is a dining experience that prioritises personal choice, offering variety and personalisation in abundance.
  • The benefits of a Cheat Platter over a traditional cheat meal include a more extensive variety of dishes, heightened satisfaction, and an overall enhanced dining experience.

There’s something genuinely special about a cheat meal. For those unfamiliar with the term, a cheat meal refers to a break from a routine diet where you allow yourself to enjoy foods typically seen as indulgent or off-limits. Far from being a dietary setback, it’s an integral part of many well-balanced diets, providing not only a much-needed psychological boost but also helping to kick-start your metabolism, maintaining your long-term commitment to healthier food choices.

Now, what if we told you that a cheat meal could be more than just an occasional indulgence? That’s precisely the innovative concept pioneered by Milky Lane. Milky Lane, a reputable culinary haven nestled in Australia’s food scene, has revolutionised the cheat meal concept with their ‘Cheat Platters’. Known for their irresistible burgers, tantalising cocktails, and divine desserts, Milky Lane presents a gastronomical experience that captivates the senses.

Their Cheat Platters are not just any regular meal, and they represent a break away from routine dining. A Cheat Platter at Milky Lane isn’t about eating all you can but about dining as you desire. It is a chance to explore an array of tastes, textures, and aromas brought together on a single platter.

This brings us to the essence of our topic. We aim to empower you, the reader, to fully grasp the concept of Milky Lane’s Cheat Platters. Our objective is to help you understand how to curate your own Cheat Platter, select ingredients that suit your palate, and make the most of your cheat meal.

In essence, this blog post is not just about tempting your taste buds. It’s about giving you the power to transform your cheat meal into an art form, an experience that you can look forward to, a moment that you can cherish. So, buckle up and join us as we journey into the delicious world of Milky Lane’s Cheat Platters, where every bite is a celebration of taste.

Understanding the Concept of a Cheat Platter

Firstly, let’s clarify what a Cheat Platter truly is. While a cheat meal refers to a single indulgent meal that deviates from your usual dietary plan, a Cheat Platter elevates this concept, transforming it into a gastronomic extravaganza. It’s not just about breaking dietary monotony; it’s about creating a personalised food experience that simultaneously gratifies all your cravings.

The key characteristics of a Cheat Platter revolve around variety, personalisation, and satisfaction. Imagine curating a line-up of your favourite dishes, each perfectly portioned to satiate your appetite without leading to the feeling of overindulgence. A Cheat Platter offers a balanced blend of flavours, textures, and cuisines, allowing you to experience a wider food spectrum than a regular cheat meal.

Now, what are the advantages of a Cheat Platter over a traditional cheat meal? Variety is the most apparent benefit. While a cheat meal is limited to a single dish, a Cheat Platter embraces a multitude of dishes. This diversity enhances the dining experience, allowing you to enjoy different flavours and textures all in one meal.

Moreover, a Cheat Platter offers a heightened sense of satisfaction. Each bite is a delight, each flavour is an indulgence, and the end result is a meal that completely satisfies your food cravings. This satisfaction plays a significant role in maintaining long-term dietary discipline, ensuring that your cheat meal is a reward, not a guilt-ridden deviation from your diet.

How does Milky Lane incorporate this concept into their offerings? Milky Lane’s Cheat Platters showcase their creative flair and passion for delivering a unique dining experience. We have curated a menu that allows for vast customisation, enabling you to craft your own Cheat Platter with dishes that align with your specific cravings.

Their approach ensures that your platter isn’t merely about piling on the calories but about savouring an array of flavours that hit the spot. From juicy burgers to crispy sides and heavenly desserts, the array of choices at Milky Lane ensures that your Cheat Platter is the ultimate indulgent meal, offering not just diversity but also quality and sheer gastronomic pleasure.

To sum it up, Cheat platters represent a new dimension in dining, offering a highly personalised, richly satisfying experience that a regular cheat meal might not provide. At Milky Lane, this concept takes centre stage, allowing you to make the most of your cheat meals by crafting a platter that’s uniquely yours, filled with your favourite dishes. So, the next time you plan your cheat meal, consider a Cheat Platter at Milky Lane. You’re not just choosing a meal; you’re creating an experience.

Building Your Own Cheat Platter with Milky Lane

Let’s explore how you can build your Cheat Platter at Milky Lane. It’s all about choice and variety, allowing you to personalise your meal to your taste. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Choose Your Burger

The heart of the Cheat Platter lies in the burger choice. Milky Lane is known for offering some of the best burgers in Parramatta, and their selection doesn’t disappoint.

Take the “Chic Kayne,” for instance. This isn’t your average chicken burger. It comes with a unique twist that will delight your palate. If you prefer something classic, you can’t go wrong with the “Chic-kayne Burger,” a crowd favourite that consistently earns rave reviews.

Feeling a bit daring? The “Triple Cheese & Onion” burger might be right up your alley. This burger is a celebration of flavour, featuring an indulgent mix of cheeses that will leave you craving for more.

Step Two: Pick Your Sides

Once you’ve decided on the burger, it’s time to choose your sides. Whether you’re a fan of creamy, rich textures or you prefer something simpler, Milky Lane has you covered.

The “Bacon Mac & Cheese Croquettes” offer a blend of crispy coating and a creamy interior that’s bursting with flavour. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a comforting classic, the “Mashed Potato” is a fantastic choice.

Step Three: Add the Extras

No Cheat Platter is complete without some decadent extras. At Milky Lane, you can top off your platter with “Loaded Fries,” the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Want something crunchy and delicious? Add some “POP KORN Chicken” to your platter for that extra bit of indulgence. And for those with a sweet tooth, a “Thick Shake” will make your Cheat Platter feel even more extravagant.

Step Four: Upgrade Your Platter

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, ask your server about upgrading your platter. Milky Lane offers additional toppings and side dishes that can take your Cheat Platter to new heights of flavour and satisfaction.


In conclusion, Milky Lane has revolutionised the concept of cheat meals. By offering customers the freedom to create their own Cheat Platter, we have taken the cheat meal from a once-in-a-while indulgence to an entire dining experience.

So, if you’re looking for the best cheat meals in town, head over to Milky Lane. Embrace the freedom to create your own Cheat Platter and satisfy your cravings in the most delicious way possible.

After all, life’s too short for average cheat meals. Why not make your cheat meal an experience to remember with a Cheat Platter from Milky Lane? You’ve earned it. And who knows? You might find your new favourite dish along the way.

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